Empowering Girls

It’s tough being a kid today between bullying and social pressures–children need all of the postive vibes they can get. If they can look down and see a quote on their tee from Ellen Degeneres or Shakespeare, that little boost of confidence could get them through their next class or playdate. It’s also important to raise your hand and speak up. It’s something that my older daughter had struggled with until this year. I love seeing her blossom and sometimes progessing to being a little bossy. In my eyes, that’s a good trait. 

When GapKids approached me to cover their second partnership with Ellen Degeneres’ company ED, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I’m a huge GapKids fan–the quality/price is exactly what I look for when I’m shopping for my girls. I’ve purchased several pieces from the first GapKids x ED line last fall and was very excited to see the partnership happening again. 

We perused the lookbook together and they selected the pieces that called out to them. My older daughter is taking music and co-wrote a song with her friend that they will be peforming in school next month. Naturally, the music note tee was a must-have. The “Fierce” tiger tee will remind her that her inner voice needs to be heard on the outside.


My younger daughter can live on a roller coaster. Once we told her that one of the tees spelled out ADVENTURE,  she knew that was one design that she would wear proudly and often. She also chose the denim jacket with “Artist” on the back and paint splattered across the front and back. She’ll embrace that getting dirty is a part of the creative process. 

I look at these positive messages and I get so happy that this exists for girls (and there is a boys line too). Friends can boost each other up by using the hastag #heyworld followed by a name. Cheer on a friend who needs it or issue a call to action for social messages of encouragement. I know my girls will be doing it. 

The GapKids x ED line will be online and in-stores starting today.  




Disclosure: I received these items gratis to write the article and do a mini-photoshoot.