Family Designs Incredible Light Show to “Let it Go”

As if you needed another reason to add “Frozen” to your holidays this year. A family from Texas, known for putting on dramatic and fun holiday light displays since 2010, has fallen in love with the hit song, “Let it Go,” from Disney’s “Frozen” and wants to let you know just how much by putting on a spectacular light show at their home. The family’s youngest daughter actually started the planning last spring when she sequenced the lights to “Let it Go” and the oldest daughter helped with the timing of the lights. 

John Storm, who gets his inspiration from the holiday classic, “Christmas Vacation,” told ABC News that the display includes over 25,000 lights. He stopped counting at 25,000 because he “stopped counting at 25,000 since that is how many Clark Griswold had on his house.” 

According to the family’s Facebook page, the entire display only costs them $6 in electricity for the entire season!