Finding the Perfect Diaper Bag

I swear I have become the crazy bag lady even more since having a kid. I am all about buying new bags for traveling and just because. I really have such an addiction that my wife and I have a closet full of bags.

The things is, and all you moms will agree with me, that you get over your bag and you want something new, different, and not what everyone else has. I mean what is worse than being out in public and you walk past someone with the same shirt on as you, or even worse, you have the same diaper bag. I know, I flip out.

The problem is, there are so many diaper bags and bags in general out there, how do you pick the perfect bag? Well,  here are three bags that I have come to love that I think are great for every mom and dad. I mean I carry them all around, your husband totally can too.

Petunia Pickle Bottom:

These bags have been around forever (since 2000 to be exact.) These bags have evolved with their company and their clients.

Great things with Petunia bag:

  • Waxy material making it easy to clean spills
  • Plenty of storage compartments making it easy to find anything and everything you need in your bag
  • Comes with a changing pad and wipe holder
  • The boxy backpack now has the magnetic flap making it easier to get into the bag and also quiet when trying to get stuff out while baby is sleeping
  • The Boxy is known as a backpack, but the satchel can also be worn as a backpack making it hands free

Petunia satchel

We have a satchel and love it. We chose the satchel because it could be used as a backpack keeping our hands free when trying to carry our son and everything else you carry when you have a child. We also loved it because even though it is smaller than the Boxy there is still plenty of room for all your diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, wrap, swaddles, etc.  They come in tons of fun patterns, but I feel like Petunia Pickle Bottom bags are becoming the old diaper bag. They are still a great bag, just think that there are new styles coming out that could better suit your needs.

Price: Ranges from $160-$760 (Cake collection)

Freshly Picked Carryall:

I am obsessed with these bags, and for good reason, they are amazing! Freshly Picked recently released their new Carryall bags and they sold out in a matter of days. People are loving them to match their children’s fun moccasins, but also the quality and style is phenomenal. Just when you think that Susan has outdone herself, she goes and pulls this out and blows your mind.

Great things about Freshly Picked Carryalls:

  • Made in the USA and 100% leather
  • The leather is super soft and the strap is long enough to go over a man’s shoulder and still keeping it comfortable
  • Lots of color options: Neon Pink, Birch with Neon Green, Butterscotch, Glacier, Goldenrod, Coral, Radiant Orchid, Ebony, Ivory, and Platinum
  • Lined inside with cute FP fabric with three pockets for anything you need
  • Clip for hanging your keys making them easy to find

The great thing about the Freshly Picked Carryall is that they go with anything and everything. I carry it all the time and don’t even feel weird about it. They are more like a purse than diaper bag, but believe me, we use ours as a diaper bag, purse, grocery bag, anything. It fits more than you think it would and holds up so nice.

Price: $240 – completely reasonable for a leather bag that can be used for years after your child is out of diapers and your not needing it as a diaper bag.

Nena & Co Day Bag:

These are the up and coming diaper bag for all the hip, bohemian, trend setting, fashionable mommas out there. Did I miss anyone? Because really these bags are for everyone. Working at a baby store I see women walking in all the time with tons of different diaper bags, purses they are using as diaper bags, and just anything they want to use really. Nena & Co have been the bags that everyone is wanting lately and for good reason, they’re amazing!

Great things about Nena & Co Day Bags:

  • Handmade in Guatemala
  • Each one is unique because they are all different patterns and never the same
  • Plenty of room for anything you want to carry with you
  • Great strap to go over your shoulder making the bag hands free, but also has handles for a quick grab and go
  • A pocket near the handle outside the bag that you could keep your phone and keys in, making them easy to get to at any time

When trying to decide on a Nena & Co the hard choice is what pattern and what size. I thought I would want to get a weekender because we love to carry everything and we didn’t have a big bag that we could take everything for the weekend. All the Nena & Co bags are great, but a day bag was perfect for our needs. I made sure to show the picture of the weekender and day bag to show the size difference. That is a question that everyone that calls into the store wanting these bags has.

Price: $209 (day bag) – $399 (weekender)

Now go out, get yourself a brand new bag because you know what, you deserve it and you will love it for years to come.