Ford Created a Crib That Mimics Car Rides to Help Babies Sleep

I’ll never forget one of the first few nights at home with  my oldest daughter. She wasn’t the best sleeper and I wasn’t quite used to the sleepless nights just yet. My husband and I would take turns holding her and rocking her up and down the hallway in the middle of the night to help her get to sleep. It didn’t work. So rather than just keep doing something that clearly wasn’t getting anyone any sleep, we put her in her car seat, jumped in the car and starting driving around our neighborhood. At 3am.

There is something magical about car rides. Even now with three kids and all of them well out of the baby stage, they can still fall asleep within minutes of a car ride. With the vibration of the car and the humming of the engine, it is the perfect combination for a nap.

Ford took note of how well our little ones were sleeping in cars and that’s why they created the MAX Motor Dreams.

Soothe your little ones with a car ride without even stepping foot inside your car. This new crib mimics the motion of a car ride, soothes your baby with engine noise, and the side of the crib light up giving you the essence of street lighting of those night‑time drives. The crib is all powered by using a smartphone app. The app allows you to record an actual car ride while you’re driving and then reproduce that car ride while your baby is sleeping in the MAX.

The MAX Motor Dreams is still in the production and prototype phase in Gernany, but it seems to be getting plenty of attention which has the company considering actually bringing this to market for all to enjoy!

Say goodbye to those late-night car rides and hello to MAX.