Fun Picks & Finds for St. Patrick’s Day

I’m a lover of holidays (which should be no surprise, if you remember this post). Having kids had made my love for holidays grow 10-fold. Kids just make them so much more fun! With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I’m getting excited for some lepruchauns to visit our house and celebrate the day with my toddler, who is starting to “get it” when it comes to holidays. In preparation for some of the fun we’ll be having at our house come March 17th, here’s a peek at some of the party supplies and attire I have my eyes on:


Shamrock glitter garland ($12) – Etsy really does have just about everything, doesn’t it?! It’s always one of my go-to sites for just about anything. 

Pot of gold pinata ($29.99) – My toddler is in love with pinatas after her cousin’s 4th birthday party last month. I found this festive pinata at Party City. 

Green gold chocolate coins ($10.50 for 68 coins) – Because there HAS to be something in the pot of gold when you find the end of the rainbow, right?! 

Glitter mustaches ($1.50) – Target does it again! If you’re ever stumped or in a rush to grab soemthing festive or holiday-related, go to Target. Between the Dollar Spot and its party section, you will not be disappointed! 

Paper straws ($2.99 for 10) – Green, green and more green. These straws are perfect finishing touch to a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast with the family or party with the kids! 

Paper plates ($1.85 per plate) – When I throw a party, paper plates are a must. Easy clean-up! 

Baby boy bow tie and suspenders ($29.00) – I’m dying over this! So adorable! Oh, and #EtsyDoesItAgain.

Party shades ($12.95) – I think these are so fabulous, they could be worn year-round. 

Four-leaf clover tee ($8.94) – Old Navy always has seasonal/holiday-specific wear for little ones. And, if you shop online, chances are there will be a sale or special offer (like X % off your entire purchase). This is just one of many tops to choose from. 

Dad’s good luck charmer tee ($8.94) – Another festive Old Navy pick! 


How will you be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? 


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