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Invite to a snack showcase? I’m there!  Since I have to send my daughter to school with two snacks a day, I am always on the hunt for the healthiest snacks around. I have requirements as well – they can’t have any food “nasties” meaning no high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils. I also look for snacks low in sugar and that would be beneficial to her daily routine (ie. when veggies are snuck in). See below for my top picks and I even found some new products for myself!

Good Thins

Good Thins

Good Thins recently changed their name from Rice Thins to Good Thins. I recently became more conscious of the amount of gluten that I eat. When I don’t eat it, I feel great–less bloated. Good Thins makes a delicious gluten free cracker line and I recommend all of the flavors when you want a snack with a crunch. My favorite part is they don’t contain any high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils – two big no-nos in our home.

Available Now for $3.69

Pact by Ocean Spray

Pact from Ocean Spray

Cranberries – so good for women and our waistlines, skin and our hearts . PACt from Ocean Spray was the first drink I tasted at the event. Delish! It wasn’t heavy sugary cranberry juice – it was water with an essence of cranberry and I loved it. Low in sugar and the sugar is enhanced with Stevia which is a win in our home. A perfect way to stay hydrated with beach season coming up.

Available Now for $1.69


Crunch Pak Blendz

Sometimes kids need more enticement to eat their fruits and veggies.  Having their favorite Disney Princess or Star Wars figure can be just the thing to help that along. Crunch Pak has been around since 2001 and I’m sure many of you have purchased their pre-sliced apples. I know I have! These no sugar added fruit blends are an ideal addition to any lunchbox – especially when you want to give your kiddos a fun character surprise!

Available Now for $.99

Dry Sparkling

DRY Sparkling

DRY Sparkling has been on shelves for a bit – however, I got to taste their new flavor, Fuji Apple. It wasn’t overwhelming – it was that hint of flavor that we look for in sparkling beverages. Other flavors include lavender(!), cucumber, blood orange and rhubarb. The bottle is upscale and the sophisticated taste is perfect when mom and dad host a brunch for other mommies and daddies.

Fuji Apple availble April 2016 in Target. All other flavors are available now $1.49

Boulder Chips

Boulder Canyon Backyard BBQ Peach Cobbler Flavored Kettle Chips

Let’s say you are in the mood for a peach cobbler and you just don’t have the strength to start the baking process. Don’t fret – run – don’t walk – and pick up a bag of Boulder Canyon’s Peach Cobbler Flavored Kettle Chips and you will be amazed how much they taste just like you are eating a real peach cobbler – you will want to grab a fork and a plate!

Available May 2016 for $3.99

Whole Fruit Pops

Whole Fruit Organic Juice Tubes

These frozen juice desserts hit so many marks for the Weiss Family–each one is no more than 60 calories, made with whole fruit, no gmos, dairy or gluten. I tried apple grape and it was to die for. I can’t wait until April so I can add these refreshing frozen treats to my Costco list! These are an ideal snack after a springtime playdate.


Available April 2016 for $2.59 Per Box

Saffron Chips

Saffron Road Baked Lentil Chips


I came across the Saffron Road table at the end of my snack tour and was so excited to see cucumber and dill in one chip – which I love both. This chip did not disappoint as the shape of the chip–which is perfect for dipping! Other varieties include garlic parmesan, moroccan barbeque and sea salt. Did I mention they are gluten-free? Check out the Lentil crackers as well — also gluten free in Rosemary Herb and Sea Salt.

Available Now for $3.89

Yoplait Plenti

Yoplait Plenti line

Greek yogurt is sought after in our home, my husband eats a greek yogurt cup every day and I love it for the girls as it’s super filling. With the success of Yoplait’s Plenti greek yogurt line, they developed a new product that has oatmeal as well. It’s very filling and hearty. Great for a lunchbox or afternoon snack – you can decide if you are in the peach or maple brown sugar mood.

Available Now $1.59



Sara Lee Artesano Bread 

What child does not like grilled cheese? Especially when the bread is nice and doughy and soft–so soft that you can actually leave the crusts on! Healthy bread is difficult to find without any food nasties in it and this variety is stripped of those bad ingredients but still has the yummy taste. We are excited to use our cookie molds to make heart shaped pb&j and grilled cheese for our little ones and we know the design will stay until lunchtime. 

Available Now for $2.99


Among Friends


Baking with my girls is always fun, sometimes messy and often not healthy. At the last stop of my snack food tour, I came across Among Friends Baking Mixes. I was very happy to see that they are gluten free, made with Callebaut chocolate chips, premium cocoa and they go from bag to baked in less than 30 minutes. I also love being able to pronouce every ingredient in anything that I give my girls. You will love that you only need three extra ingredients to bake this delicious treat. 

Available Now for $4.99

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