Hilarious Video Shows What It’s Really Like to Get Out of the Door on Weekday Mornings

If you’ve got kids in school, you know that the struggle is real when it comes to getting them out of the door so you can get to school on time. Between getting them to eat their breakfast, get dressed, brushing teeth, and then finding the matching shoe to the ones they are supposed to be wearing, it’s chaotic to say the least. 

The Holderness Family gave us a hilarious (and oh so very true) look at what it’s really like every single morning. 



Boyz II Men Parody – It’s So Hard to Get them Out the Door

This was the easiest song we’ve ever written. Because it happens to us. Every. Day. What do your mornings look like getting out the door? #BoyzIIMenParody #itissohard #gettingoutthedoor #everyday #morninganthem

Posted by
The Holderness Family on Tuesday, February 16, 2016