How to Make a Child’s First Haircut Fun

A child’s first haircut is a momentous occasion. It really is a big deal! However, as with any new experience, a first haircut can be very frightening for a child. A little advance planning will prevent a “hair-raising” experience. Here are some tips to help with that first snip:

  • Bring your child with you when you go for a haircut. This familiarizes a child with the process and makes it less intimidating once it’s their turn.
  • Take children to the salon where they are having their haircut prior to the day of their appointment. It’s good to let kids see other kids having a haircut so they know not to be scared.
  • If you are not taking your child to a children’s-only salon, make sure you request a stylist who has experience working with children.
  • When talking to a child about a haircut, you might want to use another word such as “trim” or “style.” “Cut” can be a scary word for a child.
  • Schedule the appointment for a time of day that is good for your child (i.e.- not before naptime or at a time of day when he or she is generally cranky.)
  • Use nicknames for some of the equipment that can frighten children. For example, call the blowdryer “the wind machine” or the buzzer “Buzzy the Bee.”
  • Bring a change of shirt just in case your child doesn’t want to wear the salon cape.
  • Remember to relax. If you are nervous or overly emotional, a child will pick up on it right away.
  • Don’t forget to save the first lock of hair. At Cozy’s Cuts for Kids, they have a package to commemorate the occasion that comes with a special “First Haircut Certificate.”
  • Finally, if the salon sells products for children, bring one home so that your child can use it on a regular basis, like the So Cozy Very Berry Tear-Free Shampoo, formulated with comfrey to protect and soothe the hair and scalp and horsetail to help hair grow. This will equate something about the salon with the comforts of home and make the next haircut even more enjoyable.

Cozy Friedman is the founder of Cozy’s Cuts for Kids, a children’s hair salon with three locations in New York City. She is also the founder of “So Cozy” a professional haircare line created especially for kids