If Babies Made New Year’s Resolutions

2015 is coming to a close and 2016 will be here very soon. With a new year, it’s custom for most of us to make resolutions of what we hope to accomplish in the new year. While it’s easy for us to make goals for the new year, our little ones could care less. But, if babies could make New Year’s Resolutions, here is what we think they would be:





1. Sleep through the night.

2. Let mom eat a hot meal.

3. Learn to walk.

4. Go on a car ride without making a peep. 

5. Play nicely by myself while mom takes a shower or goes to the bathroom.

6. put away all my toys when im done playing with them.

7. Attempt to not put anything and everything in my mouth. 

8. Finish my dinner without a fuss.

9. No more meltdowns. 

10. Smile and look at the camera every time someone tells me to. 

What would your baby’s New Year’s Resolution be?