Here are some quick tips on how to promote positive behavior in your home.

  1. Be positive – make comments and praise the good things your child is doing
  2. Set them up to succeed – when you know your child is having a challenging day, pick an activity they enjoy and are good at.
  3. Ignore problem behaviors – of course the safety of your child and others always comes first, but if they are using a spoon as a drum stick on the table, telling them to “stop it” ten times is most likely not going to be effective. Try ignoring them … chances are…they will stop!
  4. Redirection – Distract them from any negative behavior they are engaging in by changing the topic of conversation, asking them questions, or commenting on an observation in your immediate environment.
  5. REWARDS – would you do your chores, listen to someone, or finish your homework if you weren’t getting a reward for it? Make sure to always reinforce positive behaviors by giving your child a reward.