Keeping Track of My Busy Baby with the iBaby Care M7

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A lot of moms find the newborn stage impossible. Other moms dread age three, and the complicated emotions that come along with it. Personally, I find the just-turned-one to be one of the most challenging period a mother can experience.

Don’t get me wrong, my son (who recently turned one) is darling. His giggle is contagious and is always learning new things. And one of those new things is learning how to climb every single piece of furniture in the house.

And let me tell you, it’s exhausting.

To be perfectly honest, it’s hard not to feel like I constantly have to be tied to him. Just last week, I was trying to get dinner together. Before getting started, I put him in his baby-proofed nursery, pulled out some toys, and left the door open so I could hear him. The next minute, I found him climbing my daughter’s top bunk in the next room over.

I spent the rest of the night bouncing between the nursery and the stove trying to keep him out of danger. Finally, I gave up, buckled him into his high chair and pacified him with goldfish crackers.

He was so not into it.

When I received the iBaby Care M7, a smart baby monitor that retails at $249.95, I knew exactly how I was going to use it. We don’t need a monitor at night anymore since our house is small and my son only wakes up once through the night. What made me most excited to use the iBaby Care M7, was the chance to give my son some independence and liberty without obsessing about his every move.

What’s awesome about the iBaby Care M7 is the ability to watch the video wherever you are. As long as you have the app and permission to watch the live stream, you can check in on your baby in his crib or if he’s playing in the next room. The iBaby Care M7 gave me the liberty to leave my son in his baby-proofed nursery for a few minutes while I chopped veggies for dinner. It meant putting him down for a nap and being able to take my big kids down to the basement without worrying about not hearing him when he woke up.

I honestly found myself wishing I had this monitor sooner. It could have prevented a lot of stress and anxiety during the newborn stage. During that time, I would constantly check on all three of my kids throughout the night to make sure they were Ok. I constantly worried about the temperature and air quality of their room. But with the iBaby Care M7, you have the ability to monitor the room temp and to check in on them during the night with the night vision, no matter what hour it is. I know, as a mom, I would have slept a lot easier having a smart iBaby monitor during that stage. Plus, the iBaby Care M7 has an alert system that detects TVOCs like smoke and alcohol and sends notifications straight to your phone. It also has sound and movement alerts that will notify you of any movement or noise in your baby’s room. And with the wide 360° pan view and 140° tilt, you can literally see every angle of your baby’s nursery. So, no more climbing on top of dressers.

Plus, this wasn’t just a device that made my life easier. It was something that was fun for my son, too. It’s so much more than a baby monitor, ya know? It projects stars onto the ceiling for my son to watch. It also comes preloaded with a ton of songs and lullabies, and gave me the ability to add my own songs to the mix by uploading them to the app.

Typically, I’m a minimalist mom. New devices, new toys, and fancy baby gear don’t really catch my eye. But now that I’ve had the chance to try this device myself, it makes sense that the iBaby has won awards like the Mom’s Choice Award. I’m so on board with anything that makes it possible for baby to stay safe and mom to get more sleep.

To learn more about the iBaby Care M7, please watch this video and visit their website.