This Little Boy’s Trick Makes Tying Shoes Incredibly Easy


My oldest daughter tends to learn things rather quickly. She was out of diapers without accidents only a few days into potty training, she took on reading like a champ, but for some reason when it comes to tying her shoes, she gets stuck. I’ve tried teaching her the bunny ears method, which is how I learned and even did a quick google search to show her YouTube tutorials (how would we parent without those) on how to tie shoes. Slowly but surely, she’s learning, but she hasn’t quite mastered it just yet. That is until she saw this video I ran across on Facebook.

Ashely Lillard¬†posted a video of her son, Colton, showing the trick he learned to tie his shoes. “Coolest shoe tying trick ever!!!” Lillard wrote on her¬†Facebook page. “Posting to help anyone who is struggling like we were!” The video has been shared more than 200,000 times and viewed nearly 10 million times.

Sometimes it’s the things that we view as the simplest that our children can struggle with the most. If it weren’t for other parents showing their hacks, we wouldn’t be able to get by nearly as well as if we were doing this all on our own. Parenthood, it’s all about teamwork.