How Loyalty to Pampers Pays

This post is sponsored by Pampers. All opinions are our own.

Our babies look to us moms to keep them healthy, safe, and clean – and that is why I turn to Pampers for all my baby’s diaper needs. Diapers are an everyday necessity for my baby, and Pampers continues to create amazing products to keep my baby happy and comfortable (which keeps me happy) and has now done it again with their Pampers Rewards app to treat moms each time her little ones call her for a changing. Our job as moms often get paid in priceless cuddles, kisses, and personalized crayon artwork along our fridge – and now we are rewarded yet again through the Pampers Rewards app.

Pampers Rewards points translate into dollars we can use to make amazing purchases (and donations), all for doing what we love – tending to our babies. Do you have their new app? Stay with me now, I’m about to do some math.



In our family with 5 kids, we still have 2 in diapers. That’s roughly $84 we spend a month on diapers alone – not including wipes or disposable swim diapers like Pampers Splashers here in the summer time! My budget certainly feels that pain right now, until my toddler decides the toilet is the cool place to be like her older siblings. However, Pampers has made my life so much easier! Since each package of diapers we buy has a Pampers Reward code to redeem, we get some of that money back in the awesome gifts they offer! With the amount our family spends per month on Pampers diapers, we receive 4 codes each month from the packages of diapers for each child’s tush. That’s a total of 8 codes in just 1 month that I can easily scan into the new Pampers Rewards app. Each code in my boxes has usually equaled around 30 points. That’s roughly 240 points in 1 month alone to start saving or spending!

Multiply that times 12 months and I’ll be at 2,880 points in no time! With those reward points I could use them on 2 cute Crocodile Creek Bibs for my enthusiastic eater, or splurge on an Alex Magnetic Boats set in the tub for bath time. Or, I could receive several gifts that use less points, like a Shutterfly Tote Bag, 12 issues of Better Homes and Garden magazine, or a personalized Shutterfly magnet. Of course, receiving is fun and you could decide to keep all those gifts for yourself, but you could also use your rewards as holiday gifts if you redeem them in time to allow for shipping.




The beauty of Pampers Rewards points is getting to decide whether to spend a little at a time, or save for the long haul. Even if you have one child in diapers, it pays to be loyal! Within 2 months you could have at least 240 points, and around 1,440 points within a year. When you consider all the months and years our children are in diapers, it makes sense to use a trusted brand that rewards you with excellent gifts for your baby. If you have a few kids in diapers like me, or perhaps you have twins, the points exponentially grow.

We’re spending money on diapers anyway, why not get rewarded for it? It’s a win-win all around. The baby gets a comfortable, quality diaper to contain their messes. The parents get to redeem the points from each Pampers product and choose from a wide selection of amazing toys for the baby.

Download the Pampers Rewards app to begin saving for your baby! Just for downloading and signing up, 100 points are automatically added so you are instantly on your way towards fun gifts.