Making Room for Chores

Giving your children a “job” in your home benefits both you and them. Providing your children with chores helps get things done, while building upon their self-esteem and organizational skills. A great way to systematize household tasks between different family members is to get a white board and put it in a common area in your home (i.e., your kitchen).

You could create a wide range of age appropriate chores, while changing it weekly to keep your children on their “toes.” Don’t forget to add yourself to the responsibility list also! It is important for your children to see what you do throughout the house. This provides a sense of trust and respect between children and their parents. They won’t just think that you are giving them all the tasks around the house if they can tangibly see what you do!

Most importantly, all family members should receive encouragement and rewards for completing their responsibilities. Perhaps you could add some stickers to the white board or stock up on some favorite snacks! Below are some suggestions for age-appropriate chores.

Chores for Toddlers – Ages 2-3

  • Put away toys
  • Dust the house with a feather duster
  • Mop the floor with a swiffer
  • Put their clothes in a hamper

Chores for Preschoolers & Kindergarteners – Ages 3-6

  • Putting clothes away
  • Helping move clothes from washer to drier during laundry
  • Take out newspaper or magazines to be recycled
  • Water indoor plants with spray bottle filled with water
  • Help poor water into a pets bowl (if applicable)
  • Feed fish (if applicable)

Chores for Elementary – Ages 6-11

  • Prepping for meals and helping with cooking
  • Cleaning: sweeping, vacuuming, collecting garbage, wiping sinks and counters
  • Stamp mail and get mail from mailbox
  • Fold and hang laundry
  • Rake leaves

Chores for Middle School & High School – Ages 12 and up

  • Help younger siblings with homework
  • Assist siblings with their chores
  • Run errands with parents
  • Clean out fridge and freezer
  • Walk and feed pets
  • And, of course, anything listed above