Mamalogues: Bonding While Surviving Colic

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My first baby had terrible colic which caused her to cry most of the day and evening. My husband and I felt so helpless. We would try to wear her as much as possible because that would either calm her down or put her to sleep. The problem was when we would take her out of her carrier, she would immediately start to cry.

I had to find ways to distract her and try to make her happy, so I started singing songs, all the time. I would sing in the apartment, sing in the streets of Manhattan and that became our thing. Passersby on the street would hear me and smile as we strolled by. We still sing songs all the time and that’s one of the ways we bond most.

We also tried many different bottles to help ease her colic. We really liked the Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle with AirFree vent which is designed to reduce common feeding issues like colic, reflux and gas. The unique AirFree vent keeps air away from baby’s tummy and allows for easier upright feeding. They were so easy for us to use, easy to clean and great for travel. I also continued to use them when she progressed to cow’s milk.



Because she was so colicky, it was very hard for me to know what she needed at first. As a mom, we know there are so many different cries. I would usually work out a process of elimination, she was either hungry, had a wet diaper, had a tummy ache or last–was just plain colicky! Before long, I just knew what certain cries would mean. Philips Avent captured these moments with other moms in a recent video they published and called this a mamalogue. A mamalogue is the powerful bond between mom and baby that allows for a mom to just know what her baby needs based on movements, sounds, and sights.

Thankfully, my first daughter grew out of the fussiness after about four months. My husband still playfully calls her “colicky.”

We all have these mamalogue moments! What are yours? Share them on social with #mamaologue.