I’m struggling to believe that it is almost the end of January, 2016. Last year at this time, I had already composed three consecutive posts about what to do with our little ones when it snowed. Moms across the East were writing SOS in snow banks on their roofs. 

After this most recent winter school break, whether families hit the beach or the slopes, we were excited get our kids back into a routine. Most would agree that day one of a family vacation is amazing: everyone is refreshed and excited for quality time; but by day ten, kids are bouncing off the walls, going to bed four hours past their bedtime, and we say “what’s another ice cream sundae for dinner going to do?, we are on vacation!” The kids are still having a blast, but as parents, want our normalcy restored. And when we finally do switch back our gears, we take a step back and realize: we need a vacation from the vacation. A break after break! This was me. I needed to start over. I was not ready for 2016. 

I made a pact to myself that come the new year, like the rest of the world, I would set my resolutions. My mamalutions as I call them; how I will be a better person, a better friend, a better parent, a better wife, a better mother. But somehow, maybe because I did not have the empty hours trapped inside by a blizzard, I have not yet had the time. The time to connect to my 2016. 


If I feel better and lose those lbs, I will have even more energy and I will be a better everything! That is what I was telling myself. I was going to start the first Sunday after the new year. I cleaned out my fridge, loaded it with greens, proteins, and anything that was “PROCESSED” and blocked off anything sugar within my reach. I was going clean….again. I also would ramp up my workouts and weight training. Fabulous, fit and mommy strong was my mantra. Then came the weekend after New Years — and the following weekend, the parent play dates with wine, and the 40th birthday parties….and suddenly, it was two weeks past my diet start date. #Dietfailed

#2 MAMALUTION: Reset, Focus and Reply

I was going to allocate time for social media and social emails, time that did not take away from family or kids. I was going to keep up. 

When it comes to technology, I don’t even have to say to my kids, “When I was young we did not have that…” They just know. They know because they use EVERYTHING better than I do. As a working/mini-van driving/soccer mom, after a long day we get backed up and can’t keep up! Then at night we have to catch up on the day; unless we spend all day connected and ahead, which is impossible with all of our mom obligations. Suddenly, we look at our social networks in the line at the supermarket and think, HOW DID I MISS THAT “LIKE”? WILLY WANTED A PLAY DATE TODAY? BALLET WAS CANCELED? LIZ ASKED ME TO DRIVE TO BASEBALL? I GOT INTO SOUL CYCLE OFF THE WAIT LIST? MY CLIENT WANTED A CONFERENCE CALL? WAIT, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY? All of the sudden what started as a leisurely trip to the market, spins me into a panic…I missed the whole day in my social media world, as I was handling the real world in front of me. This was yesterday. I need to Reset, Focus and Reply, but first I have to go through the 45 text messages from the day before. I realize now, on week three of 2016, I have not taken one moment to separate social media from life. #Let’sFocus

#3 MAMALUTION: OUT with the Old! 

Now this I was able to do, or thought I was. I even hired a personal organizer to help me de-clutter my playroom. I am somewhat manic when it comes to order in my household; and everything has a place, or had a place. But I had NO idea how much I was holding onto. While I considered myself the most organized mommy in the world, I realized–I am actually a HOARDER. A neat, very clean, hoarder of STUFF that I found a place for in every corner. The professional organizer surveyed the area in a consult and said this job would be easy. Three days later and we were still purging. My house is completely organized now from room to room, but the trash company hates me for life. #SecretMomHoarder

#4 MAMALUTION: Walk Away from the Chaos

We all need serenity in our life. My husband got upgraded on our flight back from Florida, and so kindly gave me the seat as he went to the back of the plane with the kids.  I sat in the quiet and made myself a promise that in 2016 I would be more attentive, kinder, not as reactionary, and would not raise my voice. I would walk away if I was frustrated with him or the kids, and be more patient with my family. I was flying solo while he was smushed in coach because he wanted to give me mommy time. I felt lucky and with so much horror going on around us, I had to stop flipping out over crushed goldfish on my car floor. 2016 was going to be the new, improved Zen Mommy. However, upon landing it took less than five minutes for me to start screaming, and not just at him, but at everyone in the airport when our stroller did not come off the plane. #NeedMeditation 

#5 MAMALUTION: Prioritize–it all gets done:

This post was #1 on my to do list upon 2016. I was so excited to write about what I wanted my New Year’s resolutions to be, and how I would accomplish them. But, life happens. Kids happen, work and deadlines happen, house leaks happen, and all of the sudden priorities change. But it all gets done. #LETLIFEHAPPEN

So my favorite MAMALUTION for 2016 is just to go with the flow and let life happen. Resolutions do not just need to be for the New Year. They can be for the new day–so don’t get discouraged. I may not be at my best weight, but I feel good. I may be delayed in some texts and social email replies, but my friends still love me. They are just as busy and get it! My house is organized now, but I look forward to the new chapter of kid’s stuff I want to hoard in corners, and I will wake up each day and take a deep calming breath. 

It all gets done.