Mom Hacks to Make Life Easier

As parents, we’ve all been there. We are stuck in those tough situations wishing there was an easier way only to find out once it’s over that there was a clever hack to help us out. We know how tough and crazy life can get with little ones around, so we’re here to make it easier for you with these clever mom hacks that will leave you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

We asked the Big City Moms community their favorite mom hacks and here’s what they had to say:


  • When taking pics of the kids, tell them DONT SMILE and then they do.
  • Take a thumb tack and make little holes in a water bottle cap if your toddler wants to drink from a real water bottle. It is slow flow and the water won’t spill everywhere.
  • For water in ear after the beach, use a teaspoon of vinegar and water and that will get it out.
  • If a night diaper is not doing the trick – throw in a maxi pad for double duty.
  • Tape bubble to the side of a table for no-spill fun

  • Baby wipes are not just for babies and can remove stains from couches, clothing, etc. 
  • Use an ice cube to help get gum out of their hair when they happen to “accidentally” have it fall out of their mouth and into their hair. 
  • Use a pipe cleaner to clean the small parts of the sippy cup lid. Don’t feel the need to run out to the store to get a small bottle brush, just raid the arts and crafts closet and the pipe cleaner with a little bit of water and soap will get those hard to reach spots in the top and the straw.
  • Use a shoe organizer to hang up stuffed animals on the back of your child’s door. That way it’s easily accessible for the little ones and easy for them to clean up and put away.


  • Use a rubberband on the door to keep it from shutting. We’ve all had those times when we tell them not to slam the door. By hooking a rubber brand from one door knob and around to the other, it pushes the latch in so that they aren’t able to slam the door.
  • Use the flaps on the side of juice boxes as handles to help your little one hold it more securely. 
  • Baby powder works wonders to help remove sand. So whether you are at the beach or in the sand box, put some baby powder on them and the sand will be off in no time. 
  • Pack baby outfits for travel in ziplock bags for each day. That way, it’s easy to find each little piece, plus you have someplace to put the inevitable blowouts until you can wash them, without stinking up the rest of the trip laundry.
  • Use a shoe storage as weekly organizer for the week. One space for each day (includes shoes, soxs, underware, pants, Shirt, and even hair accesories to match. Fill it every Sunday and it saves a ton of time and one less argument with your child over clothes, etc.
  • Put a hair tie at the end of stroller straps to hold over sized cup to keep it from falling to the floor.