Happy Mother’s Day to every amazing Mom out there. Being a MOM, One of the hardest jobs in the world. 

Today is a day where were should be appreciated, put on pedestal, and actually get a trophy or a gold medal. We at times, train harder than olympians. But no, as an honor we get to spend the day with family and kids we would rather not see for at least 5 minutes. #Giveme5 should be the Mother’s Day Hashag across the universe. 

My loving husband was traveling all last week and upon return I asked him what the plans were for the weekend. His reply, “I dunno, what about going to a family movie?” Yes, that is what I would like to do on Sunday…on Mother’s Day. I would like to to a movie where my kids are slurping in my ear, where I am sitting in kernels of mushed popcorn, listening to other people’s kids chewing, and crying and throwing twizzlers…stepping in gum and spit, and watching an animation film about a lost dragon or zoo animals gone wild. That is SO very fun for me. I turned to my husband and said “Nope….Sorry for asking, was just trying to plan the day, but looks like we have no plans?” 

And his rebuttle which came to no surprise…”What do you want Sam, a parade?” 

Actually…..YES. I would like a Parade. In honor of Mom’s, Mother’s Day should have a parade where spouses who are not in the daily routine, should build, then drive floats around town. Moms will stand along side, toasting and drinking wine behind the street brigade, in comradery. Police officers will be on duty in case anyone says “Mommy” and we will remain safe, no one can can get us. 

Instead of floats of cartoons, floating disney characters, bands or Selena Gomez or a surprise appearance from the Biebs, every float would be a lifesize diorama of the typical moment of a mom’s day, but performed by the rest of the family. Morning breakfast; Getting Dressed; Market Shop; A Nature Scene; Carpools; Wiping Butts; Cleaning Barf from a Bed, and Cleaning up after the Dinner Massacure, and last but not least; Bedtime. This Parade, will allow for many formations of floats that include creativity and innovation — all inspired by a day in the life of moms while we cheer on the corner with tears of laughter.  If we are lucky our parade would be sponsored by a Departrment store so we all get a gift card to shop – like Macy’s??? Or Bloomies? — Just saying….Who Needs Thanksgiving when we need to be THANKED?

So…while a parade this year is not in the cards, maybe next, this Mother’s Day EVE, I find myself home alone. THIS IS WHAT I ASKED FOR. My family is out, I hear the birds chip and I am alone on a Saturday early evening. This is what I wanted and actually the best present ever. A Saturday ALONE — not a weekday when kids are in school and I am stressed running in 9000 different directions and carpools and lists of to-dos. I wanted a Saturday – not a Saturday at night when kids were asleep and because we did not make plans we had an hour or two alone before bed — that was spent cleaning up from the day – o – sports.

I wanted a Saturday. A HOUSE parade to myself. HOME ALONE! When I am relaxed, not tired, energized and free…and OMG….”ring…ring…ring”…my own mother just called. Can I just get a break? I am HOME ALONE. Do NOT call, Do NOT text, Do NOT engage. And if robbers come to the house — I am too tired to do a trap like Macaulay Culkin as I am just cooked and spent. BUT I bet if I tell them I am a MOM of three – before a bucket of water and feathers falls on their head, they won’t mess with me, they will run and let me be HOME ALONE! – in Silence. 

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO MOMS EVERYWHERE! I WISH YOU PEACE AND QUIET….and a few minutes ALONE today….to just BE. We deserve it.