As a school psychologist, who specializes in behavior analysis, of course I will always tell parents to provide their children with reinforcement for positive behaviors by giving them rewards. The question is though, what is something that is rewarding for your child?

For some children, it is a special snack, for others it is a toy, and for others it may be some time playing their favorite game on an ipad. The only way a reward is going to have an impact and truly be REWARDING is if your child wants it. If your child just had a candy bar for a snack but you want them to finish their homework before they have dessert, chances are, they will not be motivated to finish that homework on a Sunday night that is due the next day. Hold off on that candy bar and save it as a prize!

An awesome thing to do when you have multiple children in your household is to create a prize box. This is something I have implemented in many classrooms and homes and it is so much fun!