Pampers Rewards: The App That Rewards for Diaper Changes

This post is sponsored by Pampers. All opinions are our own.

Changing your baby’s diapers now has another benefit! In addition to knowing your child is growing and on its way to meeting all its milestones, the Pampers Rewards app has made it as easy as 1-2-3 to reward both you and your baby with amazing products simply for doing what you love.

As a mom of five, I’ve changed my fair share of diapers. In fact, I currently have two kids in diapers, ages four months and two years old. Pampers has been my top choice since the beginning of my parenting career over ten years ago as they have always been the most quality designed in my experience. The softness of Pampers Swaddlers that my infants have used has gone unmatched thus far! I also love the wetness indicator and stretchy tabs. My toddler, of course, loves the Sesame Street designs.




With all those diapers we change as moms, Pampers Rewards has found a way to convert those diapers into fun toys for our little ones! Often having two kids in diapers, I have quickly racked up Pampers Rewards points and received anything from photo packages to a Dora toddler toilet seat (they now have this cute soft Sesame Street potty seat, check it out here).

Pampers has now made it easy as pie to enter and track my Pampers Rewards points. I am so beyond excited that Pampers has come out with a new app which no longer requires me to manually type in the rewards codes. #momhacks are all about saving time and this absolutely is that. I have five kids and work from home. I need all the time saving hacks I can get!

The Pampers Rewards app is super easy to use and totally free on both iPhone and android devices. You will log into your rewards account and simply scan the rewards code found on all Pampers products from within the app and wah-lah! You are one step closer to those cool reward gifts. The app also allows you to view the rewards you can redeem your points for and is the place to trade those points in too when you are ready. The lower reward points offer gifts like sweepstake entries, discounts, or Shutterfly photo magnets, but if you really are loyal and save up you can receive big gifts like full sized diaper boxes or even a Kiddi-O Tricycle completely free. Free! Personally, my points start burning a hole in my proverbial pocket and I spend mine when it hits around 1,000 and love getting free Shutterfly photo packages. You can check out all rewards here!



What’s really sweet is that you immediately have 100 reward points added to your account as a ‘thank you’ for downloading and signing up on the app! And on top of that, you receive an additional 50 reward points when you scan your first code. You can start saving or spending right away. It can be easy to rack up those points and start spending on gifts for your little ones – especially if you have two kids in diapers like me!

You can now download the app and start easily scanning all Pampers Rewards codes sitting in your diaper stock pile. Now, excuse me while I go cash in my rewards for some new Shutterfly picture prints to hang because we can never get enough of our babies.

Note: Some Pampers Baby Wipes codes may still need to be scanned.