Peace From The Inside Out – Thoughts on a More Peaceful Year Ahead

Someone reminded me of a truth the other day. It wasn’t the most complex idea I’ve ever heard but for some reason it really sunk in. “When we experience fear, our minds are in the past. When we experience anxiety, our minds are far into the future. If we stop and notice where we are right now, we usually notice that everything is just fine…if not great!”

As a Mom, I find it hard to stay peaceful. I worry about so many things that some might say are “normal” for a mom to worry about- but how much time do we want to spend fearing over something (because it happened in the past) or worry about something next week (because something MIGHT happen). Being a Mom is a tough job- it feels like our child’s wellbeing is in our hands and even if there are others in the picture (even Daddy), sometimes it can feel like you are the earth and your child is the sun- everything seems to revolve around you. I’ve realized two years into being a Mother how much work it is to be that central to another person’s life. We’re also live in a day and age when the news creates immense amounts of angst for any parent- shootings in schools, taxi drivers hitting strollers in the street, and a rise in issues like allergies, autism, and ADHD. Sometimes it feels hard to breathe.

And yet, this simple but brilliant comment reminded me that in the moment, if I really check in, I am 99% of the time, doing just fine, and so ultimately my big and most important mission is to find Peace In The Moment. And I can tell you, friends, that in this New Year, I wish you a sense of Peace in your own mind and heart. I really and truly believe that despite the miserable news, the onslaught of “what if’s” we are warned of, as well as the possible illnesses or issues we may encounter, that the more we figure out how to cultivate peace inside of ourselves, the more we are able to radiate that kind of energy outward to everyone around us. We begin to glow with a subtle sense of wellbeing that everyone wants a piece of. Then they say, “I love how calm you seem- how do you do it?” And then you share.

Friends, I am not a calm person. I worry like the best of them. But I practice certain types of tools that help me recognize more often then not, that in the moment, all is well. Because I wish more moments of peace for you in 2014- here are some of my favorite tools to cultivate inner peace as a Mom:

1. Be Organized. I honestly feel that being as organized as possible with my own matters as well as my child’s has allowed me to be more peaceful. I don’t generally panic that I’ve forgotten to do something or show up somewhere. I plan for the next day during my evenings, I make lists, and my bills are on auto-pay (because I learned the hard-way by forgetting to pay them). Help yourself have more ease by having your stuff together.

2. Eat Well and Move. For me, feeling nourished and healthy keeps me grounded. When I get my greens, my fruit, and my healthy protein, I feel myself in a better place from the inside. It’s easy to “throw stuff in your mouth” when you’re running around like a Mommy with her head cut off, but making sure you get at least one or two grounded, healthy meals a day really helps keep a more peaceful bodily environment. And moving is key. I don’t care whether you do yoga, run, spin, or lift weights. It’s that your blood is flowing and you feel strong in your body. Even if it feels impossible, make time to move.

3. Breathe. There’s nothing like a deep breath to bring you into the present moment. Really, there isn’t. The breath, it’s said, is the thing that carries life force through the body. So when you feel outside your body, or your life, take some deep breaths and enter back in.

4. Surround yourself with those that soothe your soul. As I’ve entered my thirties, I’ve realized that I don’t have friend drama anymore. The people who once sucked me dry, naturally went in another direction. Now, when I’m with my friends, I not only feel calm, I feel fueled. Important to make time for these nourishing friends- when too much time has gone by without getting out and seeing the girls, I feel a stirring in my soul- friend time is super important for staying good inside of yourself.

5. Stay Positive! Even in the wake of economic challenges and disasters around the world, I really try to focus on the good and to promote it. This is why I share inspiring content on my blog because I believe that we need to fill our minds with these kinds of ideas. It’s the same concept as eating well, only that we are feeding our minds. We must believe in our hearts that the best in the world is possible and therefore, our individual life also full of immense and positive potential. Even though I was able to break it down to this little list of five, I don’t pretend that this is easy stuff to do. It takes focus, energy, and a real desire to feel good. And as we know, when we feel good, our kids and family as a whole get the very best of us. And so for this coming year, 2014, I wish you all Peace from the inside out. Peace that you have consciously cultivated and will then share with those around you. Life may be complicated but it is also beautiful and we should soak that in, one present moment at a time.