Pure Baby. Pure Barre. Pure Results.

Have you ever wondered how so many fabulous moms-to-be spend the nine months of their pregnancy gaining their well deserved baby weight while enjoying their favorite indulgences, catching up on their favorite Bravo and E! Series – and upon delivery of their precious munchkin, lose their adorable baby bellies in the blink of an eye! 

What happens?? Where does the it go? Most newborns are just 7 lbs! 

We all like to stay healthy, but there is no reason not to spend some maternity fun and free time relaxing with your feet up, eating chocolate kisses or pizza, especially if pregnant with your first, second, or especially third child! Mommies…we ALL deserve it! We work hard on every level. But, upon that first cry of joy, life as we know it is no longer ours.  Here is some truth….Barney replaces Bravo! and Elmo replaces E! But, after all the reality TV watching that there is another trend to watch: The mommies who pop out a baby out and minutes later are back to their six-pack abs! Well, maybe not minutes but in a few short months? It’s the era of the “Fit and Fab Mommy”!

When we are healthy,  we are the best role models for our little ones, and there are so many innovative and amazing workouts so there is NO excuse not to try some new pre and post baby movement! I challenge everyone to go out when they have some time to try something new. But there had to be a method to the madness of maternity jeans going south weeks after the baby arrives. A short answer, some of these babies were born Pure Barre Babies. 

I wanted to follow some new first time “Fit and Fab” mommies around town to break down Pure Barre Method. Meet the newest first time mom of a Pure Barre Baby Lisa McGuire: Her daughter Fiona is now five months old. Before Lisa was pregnant in addition to some Pure Barre classes, she would run or box four to five times a week all on top of her busy work schedule. Once she realized she was pregnant, it hurt to run the long distance and keep some of her vigorous routines so the best work out she found was Pure Barre. While we was a pro at the Barre, Lisa was more than happy to Break down the Method with me with Fiona, in her toned arms: 

BCM: Did you do Pure Barre throughout your entire pregnancy? Can you describe the workout?

Lisa: Yes! I actually started the workout before I was pregnant, and did it 4 times a week. I loved the results. It kept me going all throughout my pregnancy. When I became pregnant in December I increased the number of times I did the workout per week since I found it to be the best workout that kept me comfortable through my entire pregnancy. Some think its a Ballet class, because there is a Barre…and you wear socks not sneaker, but it’s a complete body workout that uses a Barre for balance while we lift, tone, and tuck with small movements that reach every body muscle. My body shakes which means every muscle is working ever harder. Even as my belly grew, I never felt stronger. By mid-pregnancy, I was attending classes 6-7 times a week and felt great. And I continued all the way until the day before I had my daughter in late August ’14. 

BCM: How do you think your pregnancy and labor was impacted by your workout routines at Pure Barre?

Lisa: As a new mom, I absolutely believe that pure barre was the reason I had a great healthy pregnancy. I stayed active throughout and it helped with aches and pains usually associated with being pregnant and assisted in keeping my weight gain down. Not that I worried about that! I certainly indulged as we all do, and I was pregnant and enjoyed every moment! But staying active with a comfortable and safe workout that kept me toned certainly impacted my post baby results!

BCM: Life must be SO busy now…do you have time to still go to classes? You are working with a full time business and have a new baby girl, how do you get it all in? 

Lisa: Now that I have had my daughter and working on a schedule with her, I am able to return going back to class and I find that I love it even more! It is truly 55 minutes that I can dedicate to myself. I try to relax when I am there and take the time for me. My favorite time with Fiona is early morning when she is in the best mood and I cherish each minute I spend with her. Knowing I have the time to stay active even for moments in the day allows me to be the best mom. I find the time to fit it in my schedule…even after sleepless nights! Sometimes I do Pure Barre and I am exhuasted but I keep going knowing I will feel better. 

So there we have it Mommies. Pure Barre. Pure Baby. Pure Results…So happy to share it with the rest of the new mommy world. Just another amazing workout to try as we all need the stamina and energy to follow those little footsteps crawling around town!

Share your favorite new workout or healthy living tip with us….we want to hear!