It’s been a few weeks since I posted my whereabouts as we approach summer. Life has been SO BUSY. 

Mother’s Day was supposed to give us a break from life – for a least a minute. That did not happen. 

But now, I know why Mother’s Day is held in May before the Summer actually begins. It is because there is not another time that Mom’s can even take a break – that is, if they are gifted one. In early May the mandatory end of year events have not yet begun. 

Father’s Day is next weekend. Funny how it falls right in the middle of the busiest family schedule and of course golf season. Yes, a perfect day to go off on the greens for four hours of solitude, while we hold down the fort. If we do not let them go – we are mean.

And the Dads are playing 18 holes, while we surrounded by 18 screaming children taking part in miniature sports and olympic games! When did the world of Little League Baseball, Soccer, Dance Recitals and Gym Shows become the epi-center of our reality? I have spent the past four weeks packing bags daily for the 400 end of year finales, stressing over stage make-up and hair, sweating as I squeeze tiny cleats on sweaty feet, and prepping for the role of snack mom, making sure I bought the right color popsicles.  The best part is the children are not even 4 ft tall. 

I am not a DANCE mom I am just a regular mom of little kids, that encourages them to do what they love. But, everything they love requires what seems like an overwhelming amount of events from now until eternity, which also requires my iphone needs to be 100% charged 24/7. If I don’t get a kartwheel on camera….its over. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing them thrive on what they enjoy, hit a homerun (even if it is only two feet away from home plate) run a race in field day, sing a song, do a jumping-jack, or walk in a straight line to get their certificate of “moving on”. It all gives me chills. Though, I thought once the school year finales happened I was in the clear…until I had to prep for summer activites. 

Finally camp is here. I have listened to my friends for weeks, some who are sending their children to sleep away camp for the first time. They have had the duffles perfectly packed and compartmentalized, segmented with labels and monogrammed cases of eveything ready for weeks. I laughed at all of them saying…calm down – no big deal. Just “Let it GO” and send them off for your summer of Freedom. After all, my lists were short, I thought I had it covered! 

I needed to get my son baseball pants for his first week of baseball camp. He actually said, we gotta go to Mo’s Mommy. How did he even know that? But he does not know how to Fast Forward on DVR and may have seen a ancient commercial. I walked into Modells with all three of my little ones to JUST get the baseball pants, and an hour later…..I was like a Life Size Eric Carl version of the Hungry Catepillar. 

– Baseball Pants: of course that came with a new baseball and and a bag! 

– New Hats for all, because of course they had none at home. 

– Shorts: 5 for 5$ I could not pass it up!

– Shirts: The same $5 Deal — I could not stop! 

– Checking out my kids saw the Frozen and Super Man Spray water bottles and I thought – why not be spritzed when Thirsty? 

– To protect their little Feet, new waters shoes for the two minutes their feet were in water.

They needed all of this…and more, to survive. 

I saw a family as I was checking out with a filled cart and was spying to see what I was missing, but checked myself and said — MOMMY STOP.  I did not know who was going to day camp – me or my kids! All I know is that the summer is here – and if you remember, I hate summer.  Instead of a dressing room, these types of stores should have a room to check moms back into reality – take our wallets and tell us to move away from the racks – at least when the kids are under 7 and will not remember all you did for their 15 minutes of fame. 

But we are moms, it is what we do.