Spring Cleaning for the Mind, Body & Soul

Alas, we can finally store away those winter jackets and mittens: it’s officially spring in the city! Along with sunny play dates, fresh bouquets and farmers markets, spring—like any new season—also brings along a great deal of change and new beginnings. During these times, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself (and your fam): mind, body and soul. Here are 8 simple steps you can take to ring in the season on a happier, healthier note.

• Release Negative Energy: There’s no question that this winter was brutal as ever, and you’re likely not the only one who’s left feeling, well, pretty blah. With endless piles of laundry, toys taking over your living room and allergy season on the rise (seriously the kids won’t stop sneezing!), you may feel like you want to rip your hair out!

Instead look for a positive outlet—like running, cleaning or trying that deep relaxation yoga class—to help release some of that pent up, negative energy, anxiety or anger. You’ll feel a sense of relief, and better able to serve yourself, your family and others. Sometimes all it really takes is a simple shift in perspective!

• Create a Morning Wellness Ritual: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? For many of us, this may be checking our iPhones, turning on the coffee pot or rushing to get the kids on the bus. This spring, try to dedicate some time in the morning just for you (even if it’s just 10 minutes) before all of the chaos sets in. After all, what you do first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day so make it count.

For some alone “mommy time” try meditation, journaling or breathing in some soothing essential oils. Right now, my favorite oil blend is “Balance” by dōTerra, intended to release anxiety, ground the body and create a sense of calm. (You can view my personal dōTerra shop here to shop & learn more) The morning is also the perfect time to be present with your family – take a moment to snuggle with your little one, or throw an impromptu breakfast party with the kids. Heart shaped pancakes, anyone? It’s the little things that count.

• Get Outside: It’s time to break out of that winter hibernation and get some fresh air and good ol’ fashioned Vitamin D! Take a weekend trip for some springtime hiking with the family, enjoy a solo meal outside on a park bench, or squeeze in an afternoon stroll with the little one.

The fresh air will give you a newfound sense of energy, and help you relax and connect with nature. Plus the kids will get a chance to break away from their toys and TV for some much-needed outdoor playtime!

• Love + Honor Your Body: Seasonal shifts can put a lot of pressure on us women to be better, do better, look better. It’s more important than ever that during these times you remember to love, honor and respect your body. Instead of analyzing the negatives, take a moment each day to be nice to your body and do the things that make you feel your very best.

Trade in those baggy pants for a new pair of workout leggings that make your legs look fabulous, go for a mind-clearing run to escape the chaos or treat yourself to a new outfit that makes you feel extra sexy inside.

• Hydrate Up: Sure, you’ve heard it a million times to “Drink more water.” But at the end of the day, are you actually following through with it? Spruce it up a notch to make it more appealing for the kids by adding lemon or grapefruit juice, cucumber slices or fresh mint for a refreshing perk. You can also purchase some eco-friendly reusable water bottles like these bright-colored ones by CamelBak to pack on the go from picnics in the park to school lunches. Not only does water hydrate your system, but it actually can help promote better digestion, clearer skin and focus. Win, win, win!

• Eat Seasonal, Whole Foods: During the winter, our body needs (and craves) warmer, heartier foods like heavy grains, casseroles, and stews (OK, and maybe a lot of mac & cheese and Alphabet noodle soup too!) Now that spring is here, our body is ready to detox and welcome in light, refreshing seasonal fruits and vegetables with open arms.

Enjoy seasonal favorites like asparagus, radishes, pea shoots, leafy greens and lemons. Veggies are important for the little ones too so find creative ways to “sneak” them into your favorite dishes like making a spring veggie pasta or bright-colored berry smoothie. Take a trip to your local Farmers Market to get inspired! Oh, and instead of going on another diet, shift your focus toward eating real, whole foods that your body knows and can recognize.

• De-Clutter: Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be all about cleaning out the kitchen cabinets or reorganizing your linens. Now is the perfect time to get rid of all that extra clutter that’s getting in the way—that is the physical (like the pile of legos that’s taking over your kid’s bedroom) and emotional (the stress you’ve been holding onto since the holidays)! Ask yourself what types of things are you holding onto that are causing extra “clutter” in your life. Make a list. Now find a way to get rid of some of that extra weight so you can move through life more freely and make way for new beginnings.

Got a pile of onesies, winter jackets and outfits your kids have outgrown? Hand them down to a friend who may get some good use of them, or donate them to a good cause. Mentally & physically exhausted from all your upcoming play-dates set? Know that it’s OK to say “no” sometimes. You owe it to yourself.

• Set Your Mommy Intention: Intentions don’t have to be reserved for yoga classes and New Year’s Day. Take the start of a new season as a time to get clear about your “mommy intention” for the next few months. Do you want to take more time for yourself? Practice work-life balance? Work on your patience with the kids? Be more present when home with your family? Write it down, set a goal and stick to it. Let this be a daily reminder of what you’re working toward to be a better mom & a better you.


Image via Flickr User dmarks007