The Most Clever Excuses Your Kids Have Said to Avoid Bedtime

This post is sponsored by NIVEA Fairytale Tins

Bedtime is a special time in our household. It’s a time that the entire family can come together after a long day and spend quality time together. One of our favorite things to do is sit down together and read a book.  You’ve seen the many #BCMBooks that we’ve posted on our Instagram page sharing our nightly reading selections and we love hearing your picks too. But no matter how smoothly bedtime goes in our household, there’s always that one child that comes out shortly after being tucked in bed that gives you their best excuse for not going to sleep.

“I’m hungry. I’m scared. The kitty wants to play.” -Diana F.

“I’m too floppy.” -Melanie K.

“My 4 year old told me if she went to bed, “things would get too confusing for everyone.” -Meghan E.

“The bed is too slippery.’ Then would proceed to slide off the bed to prove it.” – Lynn Major

“The sun didn’t go down, it’s just hiding.” -Kayla S.

“You didn’t feed me dinner.” -Emily P.

“I have to clean my room first.” -Stacy F.

“I need to potty.” And then she leaves to sit on the potty for 30 minutes or so.” -Zana O.

“My covers aren’t on tight enough.” -Sasha D.

“I need to give you one more kiss.” -Lori R.

While your little ones try to delay bedtime, we’ve found a magic touch that might put them fast into dreamland. This holiday season NIVEA has released limited edition NIVEA Creme Fairytale Tins. The collection, which is exclusively available at Rite-Aid and Target, includes creative designs from illustrator Joelle Tourlonias and a selection of five, original short stories, available to print online, from children’s author Udo Weigelt. We’ve been reading these short stories at bedtime each night along with a dab of the NIVEA Creme Fairytale Tins on their tiny little feet for extra comfort while they sleep. You can use the creme, which works great on dry skin, on the face and hands too. The stories give them the perfect mindset for bedtime while the NIVEA Creme allows their toes to stay extra soft.

As longtime fans of NIVEA Creme, the Fairytale Tins have all of the same benefits including ease of use for everyone in the family. With winter nearing and dry skin in our future the NIVEA Creme Fairytale Tins are a staple in our diaper bag.