the never ending school lunch dilemma

This year marks the first year that I have to make my daughters lunch for school. I have to admit, I was a little obsessed with finding the perfect lunch box that that my daughter would love and not scream “princesses” and also be functional and keep her lunches in tact and cool as her lunch sits on a shelf in her class without refrigeration.

I wound up buying her the yubo lunch box. Together, Sami and I designed her “plates” and it was delivered within 2 weeks!

Now that we had the perfect lunch box….I needed to come up with the perfectly healthy lunch. If it was up to my daughter, she would love to have a bagel with butter everyday!

I searched online for some fun ideas and stumbled on who had so many amazing ideas – that look relatively easy to do. I found these cute carrot and hummus sushi rolls and decided that i would make them but altar the recipe a bit. My daughter LOVES sushi (not normal for a 5yr old!), so I decided to do hummus and turkey sushi rolls. They were so easy to make – and a huge success with Sami.

carrot hummus sushi rolls

I began to make these E-V-E- R-Y-D-A-Y… Hey! It was quick and easy to make and I knew she liked them… Of course now shes bored of them and the novelty of making her lunch with the cute i love you lunch notes has worn off.

I’m constantly known as “last-minute-leslie” and have started to whip up school lunches in the morning while rushing to get to school on time – and the thought of making lunch now is so daunting!

As if someone was peeking into my morning madness, I received an email from about trying a complimentary lunch for my daughter. Um – let me think about that – I get a day off from making lunch! Sure – sign me up! is a meal delivery service that creates healthy and fun meals for kids and delivers them right to your door! You go onto their website, check out the menu and order and voila – lunch is delivered bright and early! In our case, it was waiting in my lobby with my doorman and he handed it to my daughter on her way out.

walk to school

They say timing is everything in life. As my daughter was praying to have a snow day like her cousins and friends who live in the suburbs – NYC Schools were opened despite the frigid temps and mounds of snow that covered the city streets. I didnt have to worry about schlepping to the store yesterday for turkey and other lunch stuff as her lunch was waiting patiently downstairs to be retrieved in a brightly colored red insulated bag!

Convenience is everything!!

walk to school

{Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I did receive a school lunch. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}