This Baby Getting Her Hair Washed is Captivating the Internet

If you want to take a break and relax from all of the holiday scuffle, check out this video that is taking the internet by storm and putting everyone in a relaxing trance. Taveon Glenn posted the video to his Facebook page of his newborn daughter getting her hair washed. The video, which has been viewed 24 million times and shared over 359,000 times, at the time of this post, shows the absolute joy this newborn has when as she gets her hair washed by a nurse.

My kids weren’t born with any hair, so they were never privy getting a massage with a brush during their bath at the hospital. And if I remember correctly, they were screaming during bath time rather than enjoying the relaxing moment. Watching this little one enjoy getting her hair massaged reminds me of what my face probably looks like when I’m at the salon and my hairdresser takes five minutes to massage my head while she watches it. Quote euphoric for a mom of three who gets just a couple of hours alone to be pampered.

If you can’t get to the salon today, just sit back and relax while watching this mesmorzing video.