Tips to Help Your Tot Get into the Back to School Routine

As we head into fall, we know parents are helping little ones pick out supplies for the new school year. With so many things to consider, we have four tips for you this Back to Day Care/School season!

Color Me Happy 

When your little one has a hand in picking out their school supplies, it’s amazing how much more excited they are to use them. After receiving a supply list from your little one’s day care or school, make a field trip of picking out supplies together. 

Read and Discover

The first day of school is an exciting time but your little one may still miss you throughout the day. Pack a favorite story that you and toddler share and love, like “Sip, Sip, Hooray,” and they’ll feel comforted knowing that this memory is right in their backpack when they need it. 

“Sippity” Doo Dah

Whether your little one is going to a play group or a full day of school, you’ll want to keep them hydrated as they make new friends and fun memories. Regardless of what stage your tot is in the journey to drinking from a grown up cup, Philips Avent has a range of colorful and mess-proof toddler cups for them to enjoy! 

DIY Time Capsule 

First days learning and playing with new friends become cherished memories. Whether it’s capturing a video clip or even collecting memorabilia (e.g., name tags, photos of your little one making their first friends), you’ll slowly build a treasure trove to enjoy in the future!




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