Toddler Bath Time Tips

Toddler Bath Time Tips

Your Toddler can now sit in the bath without assistance and play by himself…so why is it so hard to actually get him into the bath?

Toddler Bath-Time Tips:

  • Just before bath time – give a few minutes warning that bath time is coming up next so its an easier transition
  • Sing and talk to your child once in the bath…NEVER leave your child unattended while in the bath. Bath time should be used as a bonding time – read fun bath books, sing silly songs about washing their hair, feet etc.
  • Make sure you remind them of the “no standing in the tub rule”

TOYS, TOYS, TOYS! Your child will be having so much fun playing with all their toys – they may actually forget that they are being washed! Some of our favorite toys are:

  • Alex Toys – Score and learn basketball game…its ton’s of fun and educational at the same time!
  • Bath Crayons and bath paints are also a great distraction…your child can use the tub walls as their canvas and paint away!
  • Remember to rotate all toys to keep them interesting.

Bath Time can be a great intro to swimming. Teach your child how to blow bubbles in the water…

BUBBLES! Every child loves bubbles (secretly parents do too!) purchase bubble bath with a wand and play “pop the bubble” Remember to rinse the tub and your child with clean water before you end the bath. Excess soap left on a child’s skin can cause dry skin.

Follow the above and your toddler will want to stay in the bath all day. Remember to use transitional phrases to let them know what activity will be next..hopefully that will make getting out of the bath much easier.

Bath Time Products that we love:

  • Boon FLO: great for protecting your childs head from the faucet – Bonus: it has a bubble bath dispenser
  • Boon Frog Pod: stores all your fun toys and drains them to prevent yucky mold.
  • Aqua Baby Bath Ring – makes giving a bath to the newest toddlers so much easier – it keeps them seated – but also gives them the freedom to move around a bit.
  • For a calming/soothing bath time – use a lavender scented bath soap. Johnson and Johnson makes a baby bedtime bubble bath that’s great as does California baby that comes with a bubble blowing wand.

***Warning for all toys that have holes – make sure you squeeze out excess water as mold will grow over time.

Happy Bath Time!