Tours – Do’s and Don’ts










Pre school Do’s

  1. Do look engaged and give off the body language that you just love the school.
  2. Do turn off your cell phones totally off, not even on vibrate).
  3. Do wear clothes that are considered business casual (but men and women can feel free to wear a suit if you wear one to work).
  4. Do ask thoughtful questions such as, “can you tell me more about how I can be involved in your school’s community?”
  5. Do write a thank you note on personal stationary after a tour and mail it…no emails!


Pre school Don’ts

  1. Don’t bring coffee into a tour (You shouldn’t be drinking hot liquid around children) and don’t chew gum.
  2. Don’t ask hot button or annoying questions such as, “My child is a genius, so how are you going to challenge him?”
  3.  Don’t ask a question that you know that can be answered from the school’s website or their application.
  4. Don’t send holiday cards to the director.
  5. Don’t ever be late for a tour.