Transforming Kids Into Super Healthy Heroes: The Super Sprowtz Video Premiere

Hi mammas! Colby Carrot here checking in from the road. We’re in Austin, TX turning regular kids into super heroes as we travel across the country! It’s plain to see how we’re doing it: we show them how to eat their super (veggie) powers! We’ve turned thousands of kids into super heroes on our tour, even enlisting the First Lady for our cause:

Our valiant Mush-Vroom has carried us more than 3,000 miles, but this is just the beginning.


We’re going into schools, museums, zoos and anywhere families could use a hand showing the awesome powers of vegetables over baddies like junk and greasy (below).

junk greasy

As strong as the Super Sprowtz are, we can’t possibly reach every child with our live performance tour. That’s why we’ve created awesome 2-3 minute videos that every family can access absolutely free! We’re launching a 17 episode season in conjunction with Big City Moms. Tune in every Tuesday with your super sight and, of course, enjoy the premiere!

Super Sprowtz: Episode 1