Two Tips Every Parent Needs to Know When Going Out in Large Groups With Your Child


Summer is a time where many families take the time to go away on vacation. Whether it’s a theme park, carnival, or the beach, there are so many places we frequent with our children that have large crowds. While most of the time we visit these destinations, we love to think about the fun that we will enjoy with our family, but it’s also a good idea to be prepared for any situation. 

The Clovis Police Department shared their most popular tip in their Facebook page of what to do in that terrifying situation that your child is lost in a large crowd. They suggest prior to leaving for your destination, to write your phone number on your child’s wrist and cover it with a liquid band aid to keep it from washing off. They also suggest taking a photo of your child before leaving for the place so that you know exactly what they are wearing and to have an up to date photo. 

While we hope that this never happens to any of you, we do appreciate the tips to be prepared. 


(h/t: PopSugar