10 Baby Names Inspired by Fall

It’s official! The temperture has started to drop and the leaves have started to change to those gorgeous deep colors. It’s fall! From apple picking, cool crisp air, pumpkins, and holidays to celebrate, fall has so much to offer. If you are expecting a baby in fall, consider these baby names that are a perfect reflection of the season.



1. Autumn: This is an obvious choice. Autumn, another name for fall, is a beautiful name for a little girl born this season.

2. Birch: When you think of fall you think of trees full of color. Birch is a great name that exhibits nature and would be a wonderful choice for a baby boy.

2. Ruby: Ruby is a deep red stone and is often a color that we see during these upcoming months. It’s a classic name that was popular in the early 1900’s and is gaining popularity again.

4. Amber: Another name that reflects the season’s deep and rich colors, Amber is a great name for a little girl.

5. Forrest: If you love to be outdoors during these cooler months, this is a great name choice. Meaning, dweller in the woods, Forrest makes you think of all of those colorful trees you during fall.

6. Hazel: This is another name that reminds us of nature and the beautiful color of a hazelnut. This is such a pretty name for a little girl.

7. Sapphire: September’s birthstone is the sapphire

8. Opal: Opal is the birthstone for October and a great name for any baby born during the month.

9. Apple: This is the season for apples. A name brought to popularity after Gwenyth Platrow named her daughter, this is a unqiue name that reflects the season’s most delicious fruit.

10. Scarlett: A deep red color that you see all season long, Scarlett is a gorgeous name for a little girl born this season.