10 Baby Names Inspired by Spring


Spring is officially here! For most of us, the snow has come and gone and we can finally look forward to spending time outdoors. From fresh blooms, warmer weather, and holidays to celebrate, spring has so much to offer. If you are expecting a baby this spring, consider these baby names that are a perfect reflection of the season.

1. April: The one month out of the year where spring is at its peak. The flowers are in bloom and everything looks glorious and green. If your baby is due in the month of April, why not celebrate with giving her the namesake?

2. Lily: A gorgeous flower that everyone loves. This is such a beautiful name for a little girl.

2. Aviv: This is the Hebrew name meaning Spring. It you’ve got a little boy born this season, this is a great pick.

4. Rockwell: The English name meaning “rock spring” is very stong and intriguing.

5. Dahlia: A sophisticated name that is a gorgeous flower that blooms during the season.

6. Florence: This is the latin name with the meaning “blooming.” With so much blooming this season, this is a sweet name for a little girl.

7. Pearl: June’s birthstone is the pearl.

8. Iris: Another gorgeous flower that is also the Greek name for rainbow.

9. Avril: The French word for April. Made popular by the singer, this is a great choice for a little girl born during the month.

10.  Robin: A great gender-neutral name. The bird is often said to be one of the first signs that spring is on its way.