10 Nature-Inspired Baby Names

Earth Day is on its way and while most of us think about what we can do to make the world a better place, we can also think of beautiful names that are nature and eco-friendly inspired. Nature is wonderful inspiration for so many things, especially baby names! Check out our favorites below!


1. Rain: A great gender-neutral name that is such a beautiful thing that our Earth provides for us.

2. Ivy: A name that has gained notoriety from a famous couple, but is unique and beautiful. Ivy signifies faithfulness.

3. Sage: Another gender-neutral name that means wise.

4. Fern: While many of us think of the character in Charlotte’s Web, this botanical name is short and sweet.

5. Tierra: The Spanish name for “earth,” this name has feminine appeal.

6. Avani: The Hindi name for “the good earth,” we love this name for both girls and boys!

7. Garth: While you may think of the country singer, this name means groundskeeper. If you love keeping the earth clean, this is a great name for you!

8. Gaia: A Greek name for “earth mother” is very boho chic and sweet.

9. Dagon: The Hebrew name for “earth” this is a very unique name for a little boy.

10.  Carmela: A very feminine name that means garden. If you are one that loves flowers and growing your own veggies, this is a great name pick for you.