10 Nature-Inspired Baby Names

Earth Day is on its way and while most of us think about what we can do to make the world a better place, we can also think of beautiful names that are nature and eco-friendly inspired. Nature is wonderful inspiration for so many things, especially baby names! Check out our favorites below!


1. Rain: A great gender-neutral name that is such a beautiful thing that our Earth provides for us.

2. Ivy: A name that has gained notoriety from a famous couple, but is unique and beautiful. Ivy signifies faithfulness.

3. Sage: Another gender-neutral name that means wise.

4. Fern: While many of us think of the character in Charlotte’s Web, this botanical name is short and sweet.

5. Tierra: The Spanish name for “earth,” this name has feminine appeal.

6. Avani: The Hindi name for “the good earth,” we love this name for both girls and boys!

7. Garth: While you may think of the country singer, this name means groundskeeper. If you love keeping the earth clean, this is a great name for you!

8. Gaia: A Greek name for “earth mother” is very boho chic and sweet.

9. Dagon: The Hebrew name for “earth” this is a very unique name for a little boy.

10.  Carmela: A very feminine name that means garden. If you are one that loves flowers and growing your own veggies, this is a great name pick for you.


Lauren Jimeson is a full time work-at-home mom of two little girls and a toddler boy. After living in the suburbs of both Atlanta and Tampa nearly her entire life, Lauren and her husband made the move to New York City in 2010, shortly after their oldest daughter, Harlan, was born. Lauren chronicled her new life in the city on her blog, A Mommy in the City (Now Sincerely, Lauren). And that's when she met the wonderful founders of Big City Moms.

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