8 Ways Postpartum is a Taste of Getting Old

I gave birth to my fifth baby in February and thus began the blissful postpartum baby moon time. I had weeks of spending more time in bed, having meals cooked for me, lots of newborn snuggles and nursing time. The most blissful part for me is the birth high of, “I made this! And pushed it out!” and falling in love with this new little being in a whole new way, as my stretched out belly is no longer between us.

But, let’s be honest, postpartum physically isn’t so blissful. In fact, as I’ve been comparing notes with my step-mom who is heading into menopause– I can’t help but realize that it simply is a taste of getting older.

Wearing diapers

With the bleeding pretty heavy the first few days of postpartum, wearing adult diapers can actually be super helpful to avoid leaks while you are resting. No one has to know you bought it from the incontinence aisle. But one day, since having babies can lead to inconsistence, we may need them for what they are actually marketed towards.


Oh, those first postpartum poops. They are no fun. In fact, they can be just a scary as pushing a baby out if hemorrhoids are involved. You can always ask Grandma for some Preparation H!

Aches & Moving Slow

 Laboring and pushing makes us use muscles we didn’t know we had, so when the following days come those muscles can be achy. You may be slow to rise out of bed and shuffling to the bathroom for a few days. You’ll repeat this many years from now as older age makes your joints achy too.

Hot Flashes

Is it hot in here, or just me?” Seeing how most all of my babies have been born in winter– it was just me. Wear layers because you never know when a hot flash will strike! My step-mom can totally relate as we both start fanning ourselves at some point when we visit.

Night Sweats

Oh my goodness, this one is still plaguing me eight weeks after birth. I’m sweating like a smelly man in a sauna every night! My husband has stopped sleeping with me for now because he only adds to the steaming radiator effect my body is producing. My pajamas and sheets are damp every morning, I feel bad for my baby who nurses with her head near my armpits during the nights. But, alas, I know I’ll be handle this nuisance in the future just as I do now. Buy a fan– you’ll need it.

Unpredictable Bleeding

Menopause’s changing hormones can make predictable periods a thing of the past as it tappers out, so is it with postpartum bleeding. Just when you think you’ve stopped, it may start up again a few days later if you start doing too much activity too soon. So, keep pads on hand where ever you go! The good news is that we can look forward to a more predictable future, the bad news is our periods will return one day– at least that’s one advantage of menopause is the end of periods forver will be in sight!.

Losing Hair

The amount of postpartum hair loss that takes place around three months postpartum can be shocking to first time moms. Don’t be afraid, it will grow back– promise! It helps us prepare for later in life when we may experience it all over again (but may not grow back then…).

Mood Swings

Ah yes, the famous roller coaster emotions of women. We always experience a taste of this it seems through our life, but they are especially at their peaks of crazy highs and lows during the postpartum time and menopause as our hormones are shifting dramatically.

So yeah, I think having had done this postpartum season several times over I think I’m a tad more prepared in what to expect down the road in the female path of life. Is it worth it though? Oh yeah! I’d still call postpartum blissful– after all it is gone in a blink, both the blissful and the unpleasant.