Ayana’s Tips for Pregnant Riders

Here at Big City Moms headquarters – our team is obsessed with SoulCycle. The convenience of 45 minute workout/dance party on a bike with amazing music has us hooked!

Our community is always asking us about eating healthy and safe excercise during the 9 months when your belly is growing…we were thrilled to see that one of our favorite instructors Ayana Curtis who is expecting baby number 2 soon shared her tips for riding while pregnant…

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Tapping it back with a bump? So is Soul Master Instructor AYANA CURTIS, who’s expecting her second child this spring. Before she gives birth to her baby boy, she shared a few tips for riding while pregnant.

First off congratulations! You’re pregnant! Like me, you probably want to continue your healthy lifestyle and feed your Soul by continuing your classes at SoulCycle. Good news… You totally can! If you have been riding on a regular basis and you’ve cleared it with your doctor, there are just a few tips and guidelines that you may want to adhere to while your bump is growing healthy and strong.

Modify Intensity and Heart Rate

When riding, you want to make sure you modify your intensity. If you can carry a conversation then you know you are within a comfortable heart rate range. If you are feeling out of breath or are gasping for air, then you may be riding at a higher intensity level and you should definitely monitor that and slow down. Some women may feel safer wearing a heart rate monitor to better keep track of their heart rate, which can be very helpful. I personally go by how I feel. It is always good to know your limits while riding when pregnant. You are just maintaining your cardiovascular health along with keeping your upper body toned (with the arm series) so there is no need to push yourself at this time. Just enjoy the ride and take your journey!

Wear Breathable Clothing

Be careful not to overheat. Do not wear cotton. Wear fabrics that are going to wick away sweat. Make sure to wear stretchy tops to keep you comfortable and cool.

Stay Hydrated

Show up to class already hydrated and make sure you sip some delicious cool water while riding. Try to ride near ventilation (such as a fan) if possible. Always keep a snack on hand for post-ride to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Bananas, peaches or apricots are all good choices.

Adjust your Bike for Your Growing Bump

You should avoid putting pressure on your lower back. This is best accomplished by bringing your handle bars to a higher position, or the highest position. You will be much more comfortable and relieve any unnecessary pressure on your back. It is also good to take a few postural breaks during your ride to relieve any muscular tension that may happen. Just simply sit up and place your hands on your waist for a few moments and then replace your hands on the bars and continue on with your ride.

Listen to Your Body

If you are uncomfortable or something is too challenging, dial it back and check your intensity. Perhaps you have to sit during jumps or stay in the saddle and sprint instead of run or just plain take a break during that jog… it is OKAY. Remember you are not training for a triathlon at this time; you are growing a beautiful, healthy baby and you should do what feels good for you. If you feel ill at any time, it is best to alert the instructor. He or she will be able to assist you.

Many women are able to ride long into their third trimester and even up until the day they give birth, but every woman is different. Listen to your body and stay on your journey to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is totally inevitable that your baby will arrive tapping it back, riding to the rhythm and feeling so much Soul and love from Mommy!


Lots of Love,
Ayana Curtis
This article was republished with permission from SOULCYCLE. For more information on SOULCYCLE and to sign up for a class check out