Belly Envy: The Best Things About Being Pregnant

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about adding to our family – probably because my daughter is now at the age where she’s a little more independent, and I’ve been away from the sleepless newborn night long enough that I’ve forgotten how difficult they are! Looking through my old maternity pictures, I am really starting to miss that baby bump that I once thought was too heavy, or too itchy (I had PUPPPs, yuck!) or referred to as ‘the-thing-that-stopped-me-from-having-sushi’. Moms, I’m going to admit it – I’m having total pregnancy belly envy right now!

On that note, here are the Top 5 things I miss the most about being pregnant.

5. People are SUPER nice to you: Maybe it’s because your body is doing an amazing thing – you know, creating new life. But people are just way nicer to you when you are pregnant. They smile more, they help you with the door or your bags, they offer you a seat in a crowded train. Everyone thinks it’s so awesome that you’re pregnant, and treat you that way, too. It’s funny how people are less kind when you have kids in tow, instead…… hey, we probably need even more help, here!

4. The 2nd Trimester: I remember the 2nd trimester being the “Golden Weeks” of pregnancy – I was finally able to tell the world I was pregnant! I also stopped being lethargic, my belly was just large enough so that I looked pregnant, and not bloated. The baby wasn’t heavy enough yet so I was still able to do almost everything I wanted to!

3. Goodbye, Period: No period for 9 months? This really doesn’t need explaining, does it!

2. Elastic. Waisted. Pants: I wish it was super cool to still wear these two years after giving birth, because I thought these were the most comfortable things, ever

1. Feeling the baby move: Remember the first time you felt your little one move in your belly? Ok, I admit, the first few times it happened, I mistook it for gas… it’s confusing! But when I finally figured out what to look for….well, there is nothing in the world that can describe the awe and joy you feel when it happens. This, right here, is by far my favorite. 

So let’s hear it mamas – what do you miss most about being pregnant? Do you miss it enough to do it again? 😉


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