Cricket’s Circle Launches The Better Baby Registry

The love and joy you get when you find out you are expecting is unlike any other feeling. For me, the first thing I wanted to do when I found out I was pregnant was to run to the store and immediately start registering for baby gear. It was only when I walked into the store to realize that there are a ton of baby products out there and so many options to choose from on each product. What I thought would take only a couple of hours, turned into days and weeks of research finding out exactly what I needed when I brought my little girl home. 

Cricket’s Circle, a new website that simplifies baby registry for first-time parents, now offers a full-fledge baby registry and the ability to shop any of “Cricket’s three great picks,” from bath products to cribs to multiples strollers. The dozens of options that you have to choose from is now easier and narrowed down for you! 

Cricket’s Circle founder, Rachel Blumenthal, offers a personalized approach to registry and helpful advice to first-timers and beyond. And don’t think that just because you’ve had the baby that you’re not taken care of on Cricket’s Circle. There’s plenty for toddler moms, too – an entire potty category! 

So rather than bundling up to run out to the store, get comfy and shop Cricket’s Circle from the comfort of your own couch!