First Moments

I am a very proud mother of a 9-year-old daughter Hallie and 6-year-old twin boys, Cooper and Harrison. Over the past 9+ years I have experienced many firsts. First words, steps, play dates, school, recitals, etc. The list goes on.

Over the past week I have experienced at least one first moment with all of my children and they were all equally special. My son Cooper lost his first tooth, which meant the tooth fairy would come and give him some money. This was very exciting because we were with family that day so everyone was able to see the new hole in his mouth and he was glad to show it off. After the tooth fairy came he decided he we would be saving his money for something special like sneakers.

Cooper's Tooth

Both of my sons love soccer and they had their first travel soccer game this weekend, which meant they would play a team from another school. They were so excited that they could not sleep the night before because they wanted to attend the first game. The morning of the game they got dressed by themselves so they would look perfect for the game. Even though they lost the first game they were very excited about the new adventure and they had a great time.

My daughter has been playing on her travel soccer team for 1 year and she had he first game of the season as well. She is a very dedicated player – she never misses a practice and attends every game. I am a picture person and have my big camera on hand to capture all the important moments so I would be ready when she scored her first goal or did something special on the field. Well, the moment we were waiting for finally occurred in the second half of the game – Hallie scored her first goal ever. I was so overjoyed that my focus was solely on her to celebrate her first goal. Her teammates lifted her hug and give her hugs. As a parent it was definitely one of the proudest moments I have experienced. Hallie’s goal was the only goal of the game so her team won 1-0. After the win the team celebrated at a friends house and went swimming. By the way, I was so focused on her goal that I neglected to take any pictures. Oh well – The moment will be with me forever right…. When I came home that day I received an email from another parent on the team with photos and videos of Hallie scoring the goal. What a great surprise!!

And the final first of the week – My son Harrison lost his first tooth today. I guess the Tooth Fairy will be making one more stop to our house.

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