If You’re Pregnant, You Just Might Fall in Love With This Podcast

Misery loves company, right? Well, so do baby bumps. If you’re newly pregnant or a first-time mom, you may be looking to form your “tribe” of fellow mothers as early as possible. And it’s a move I would highly recommend — pregnancy is different for every woman and it’s important to try to find women who may be experiencing the same things as you or join with other women who just “get it”.

One modern way to find that tribe? Through a podcast! Pregnant mama Ashley May, a journalist with USA Today, started a fun podcast called Due Date, for listeners to follow along as she discusses the joys (and challenges) of pregnancy, all the way up until (you guessed it!) her due date. She describes her podcast as “An uncensored, real-time journey through pregnancy, delivered as a podcast, chronicling the lead-up to the big day.”

May wrote about her podcast for USA Today, inviting listeners to join her during her pregnancy journey and I have to say, I love the idea. Especially if you need something to do while driving to the doctor’s office, waiting to be seen after you pee in that darn cup, or if you have to experience the joy of getting non-stress tests, you’ll love the company while you wait.

So what can you expect from the Due Date podcast? Well, in her first podcast episode, May actually talks about finding your village as a mom, something that I personally believe is so important. She chats with her co-workers, also pregnant, and how weird it is to be the mom of a boy with a male appendage growing inside of her (ha! Although it is weird, when you think about it…)

Her second episode brings in the baby daddies, which is a nice change of pace, to hear how other couples handle pregnancy. May believes that even though moms get most of the spotlight during pregnancy, that dads should have their time to shine, because they play an important role during pregnancy too.

All in all, Due Date is a fun way to follow a fellow mama who is willing to talk about the hard parts about pregnancy, as well as the joys. So whether you need to something to distract you from the barfing or just something to make you chuckle while you waddle around the house, this might just be the podcast for you.

“It’s been weird, terrifying, and a fun experience,” May says of being pregnant in her first podcast. Which just about sums it up.


There is a new Due Date podcast every Friday, so keep an eye (or ear!) out for it!