Mom Wardrobe Essential: Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Corest (+ Giveaway)

As a mom of three, one of the hardest things for me to get used to is the changes that my body has made over the years. While I wouldn’t trade my motherhood journey for anything, I do admit that when I look in the mirror sometimes it’s hard for me to see what’s staring back at me.

Getting used to my post-baby body has been a journey within itself. I’ve had to learn to love it again, but the good news is that I have fallen in love with my body again. It’s a slow process, but I’ve been making progress and I’ll consider that a success. 

A couple of weeks ago my sister got married and I was her Matron of Honor. She was engaged for over a year and I was using her wedding as motivation for her to take care of myself and get back in the gym. While I was so pleased with the progress I made, there were still some little areas in my belly. I’m sure if I asked someone else, they would probably have never noticed, but I am my own worst critic and wanted something to tuck in my “mom pooch.” That where the Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Corset came to the rescue. 

As a long time fan of the brand (I wore the original Belly Bandit after all of my kids were born) I knew that they would have just what I needed to help me feel confident in the dress. The Mother Tucker Corset has two layers of material that gives you double compression. I expected it to fit like most corsets do and be uncomfortable (beauty is pain, right?) but it was so comfortable that I happily wore it all day and night without having to adjust it! There are several rows of hooks so that you can adjust the corset based on how much you want to tighten. 



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