This Is Why Nobody Does Birth Like Beyoncé

When it comes to pregnancy, nobody does it quite like Beyoncé.

First there was the fact that she was excepting not only one, but two babies, and then there was that gloriously chic pregnancy announcement. And don’t even get me started on her epic Grammy performance, strutting across the stage, oozing with confidence, in a glittery gold gown, while rocking that twin-filled pregnant belly!

If we had any misconceptions that Queen Bey was a regular mom before, she has most certainly shattered them with this pregnancy and reminded us that she is unequivocally a cool mom.

With all the re-writing of the pregnancy book that Beyoncé has done, it should come as no surprise that she will be continuing the trend by trying something new this time around: a home birth.

Now, before visions of crunchy midwives and patchouli incense fill you head, let’s remember that Bey doesn’t do things the way we mere commoners do them. This home birth is going the be a home birth, the likes of which the world has never seen.

The Daily Mail has reported that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are spending a million dollars to turn an entire wing of their home (OK..mansion) into a full-blown maternity ward. The set up will include everything the couple could possibly need, including incubators and “an entire professional neonatal wing” and a team of medical staff. There will also, reportedly, be an ambulance on standby to take Beyoncé to Cedars-Sinai hospital – a mere five minutes away.

As someone who gave birth to a ten-and-a-half pounder in my own bedroom, I’ll admit that my first thought when reading about Queen Bey’s “home birth” was plenty of eye rolling. Clearly this flashy show couldn’t be considered a home birth. I mean, if every woman could afford to turn their home into their own personal birthing suite/neonatal unit, wouldn’t they all have babies at home? I mean, as far as I know, most women aren’t choosing the hospital life for the super chic gowns.

But then, I realized just how judgmental I was being. When it comes down to it, every woman giving birth, deserves to do so in an environment where she feels safe and comfortable – whether that’s in a hospital or in the back of a VW van. Safety and comfort are key, but when you’re Beyoncé making that happen simply requires some extra effort and expense.

After the negative press she received following the 2012 birth of Blue Ivy, I don’t blame her for wanting to take the extra steps to ensure a more positive experience for the birth of her twins. Bey and Jay were alleged (though the hospital has denied it) to have rented out an entire floor of the hospital and other patients are said to have lamented to the media about the intrusiveness of having the Carters there.

According to a neighbor, “It is all about privacy and safety,” for Beyoncé this pregnancy and understandably so. After having a sour taste left in her mouth, a home birth (albeit an elaborate one) sounds like the perfect choice for a celebrity of her standing. If she is in good health and has all the necessities and a team to surround her, I’m sure the birth will go beautifully and will be wishing her all the best. We can hardly wait to see those beautiful babies Bey!