Pregnancy Nausea Tips

I thank G-d for Annie Fox, Homeopath, Herbalist and Whole Foods Educator. She taught me these four tricks to ease pregnancy nausea.

1. Rice cakes: Have a rice cake, cracker, or dry toast in the morning before you even sit up. It will help absorb some of the stomach acid that feels like it’s on the rise. I kept these next to my bed and they made a huge difference.

2. Lemon wedges: The scent of fresh lemon oil has proven itself to ease nausea. Take a wedge, twist it and inhale the glorious smell! Then enjoy it in some warm water if you like.

3. Ginger tea: Grate some ginger root into a cup and fill with hot water.* Let steep a few minutes. I like to add honey and lemon. I find that ginger ale also helps, but like to avoid the carbonation bloating.

4. Don’t cook: The smell of food cooking is a top trigger for women in early pregnancy and can also lead to aversions. Let somebody else cook for you if possible. When James wasn’t able to cook for me, grilling or steaming veggies and cooking a grain typically bothered me the least. This will vary person-to-person.

There are other well known tricks to help ease or prevent nausea. Eat smaller meals more frequently and drink smaller amounts throughout the day. Stay hydrated! Avoid other triggers such as strong odors (food, smoke, perfume), sugary snacks, humidity, noise and motion sickness (flickering lights and riding in a car).

Please share other tips you all have! Would love to hear them.

Love, Kimberly

*The easiest way to grate ginger root is by scraping it with the side of a spoon.