Sex during pregnancy

I’m well into the second trimester of my first pregnancy, and in my opinion pregnant sex is better than ever! First trimester not so much – nausea, fatigue and overall feelings of crappiness combined with nervousness about possible miscarriage made for a not-so-hot few months. Although we were assured that, medically speaking, sex was safe (unless your doctor advises against it for some reason), it just wasn’t all that appealing.

Second trimester is a whole different story! I’m feeling great and sexier than ever with more voluptuous breasts and dramatically increased levels of arousal due to increased blood flow and the hormones of pregnancy. Now that we’re past the first trimester, both my husband and I feel more relaxed about safety concerns. And the belly isn’t big enough yet to get in the way! What’s not to love?

For some women, it feels better to lighten up on penetration while pregnant. I also recommend choosing positions that minimize pressure on the belly. Up until 20 weeks gestation, you can continue with sex as usual in your favorite positions as long as you’re comfortable. After 20 weeks, it’s best to avoid lying flat on your back due to the risk of compressing the vena cava, which can restrict blood flow. If that happens, you will feel dizzy almost immediately and the simple solution is to roll onto your side until the dizziness subsides. This is why doctors advise pregnant women to avoid sleeping on their backs. If you’re a missionary style girl or simply not feeling pleased as punch in your go-to sex positions, try mixing it up with the below suggestions.

Third trimester will pose new challenges. Many of them logistic. Here are a few positions that can help maximize both pleasure and comfort during the final months of pregnancy:

Cowgirl: Essentially the reverse of missionary style. You on top, riding your partner. This position gives you the most control over depth of penetration and intensity of stimulation. You can face either way. Partner may be lying in bed or seated upright in a sturdy chair. Play around with it! It’s also a bit of a workout.

Edge of the bed: Recline on pillows at the edge of the bed, feet on the floor or perched on the edge of the mattress. Your partner stands or bends over you.

Spoon: Lie on your side, curled up with knees bent. Your partner lies facing your back and enters you from behind. Steamy and cuddly all at the same time!

Froggy style: This is essentially doggy style, with you on all fours… but on the forearms instead of the hands. This avoids placing pressure on your wrists and allows you to rest more fully. You can even place a pillow under your belly for added support.

Side by side: Lie facing each other, and keep your top leg straight and to the side or bent at the knee. Your partner will slide his leg over you and enter you from an angle. This helps keep weight off the belly and it allows for great kissing convenience.

Consider pregnancy a time to revel in your sexuality. You are a goddess! An icon of femininity. Embrace your primal curves. Own your sexiness. Treat yourself to a lacy negligee if that helps you relax and indulge. The more you can feel comfortable and sexy in your own skin, the more attractive you’ll be to your partner. This is an incredible journey you’re embarking on together! Enjoy the ride – in every sense of the word.