How to Stay Comfortable (As Possible) the Last Weeks of Pregnancy

You could say I’ve been in this place a few times– the wonderful weeks at the end of pregnancy. The weeks you feel like an old lady cow, heavy, achy, large and in charge. Not to mention all the stranger comments to remind you of those facts (No, I’m not carrying twins.) With each pregnancy I’ve learned something new in how to cope as my wait gets longer and more overdue with each.

This is what I do to stay as comfortable as possible:


This is probably the most revolutionary thing I’ve discovered in my more recent pregnancies in staying comfortable. My first three babies I did not see a chiropractor, and honestly was a bit scared to go, but after one birth I was so out of whack and in pain I had no choice to go to feel better! Once I felt the relief it offered, I never stopped going. During most of pregnancy I go once a month, with the last month being bumped up to once a week to keep me comfortable and everything aligned for whenever birthing time arrives. My pregnancies seeing a chiropractor throughout have been drastically more comfortable! The hip I used to feel every night in bed is gone. The severe backaches as the belly grows extra large are gone. The headaches during the second trimester Make sure you find one experienced in pregnancy.


Gentle stretches have been helpful to relieve some of the tightness and aches. My favorite is this one for sciatica relief until I can get to the chiropractor.


I never have been a big bath taker, maybe because I’ve always had standard tub in previous pregnancies, but this time I have a huge garden tub! Which, I also plan to birth in. On the days I’m achy all over or feeling too many braxton hicks for my liking, a warm bath has been helpful to relax all over. Add some epsom salts for even more relaxing benefits!


These techniques have been a staple in my daily movements as I’ve learned how important a well positioned baby is to have an easier pregnancy and labor. Along with chiropractic care, these suggested positions seem to have helped this baby to stay in the perfect position— or at least go back to it when I’m all balanced once more. When baby is in a good position, I feel much less aches and pains which helps keep my mood lighter in this waiting-for-the-end time.


No, it isn’t the most glamorous maternity attire but it certainly does help to keep the extra belly weight supported! It’s job is to help your abs do their job by supporting the baby and encouraging a better posture, which in turn helps to relieve common lower back aches, pelvic pain, plus keeps ab separation from getting worse. I use my Maternity Fit Splint in these last weeks when I know I’ll be on my feet a lot, such as grocery shopping or when nesting mode hits and I’m cleaning for hours. I find it very comfortable support and it doesn’t move or roll.


Of course, check with your provider before taking any homeopathics or supplements, but this is one my midwife advises to have on hand for a variety of reasons. I’ve used it for everything ranging from that baby-is-stuck-in-my-ribs-ache to the grinding pain associated with symphysis pubic dysfunction (SPD).


Sleep requires lots of pillows to stay as comfortable as possible. I have two for my head, a body pillow to support my knees and ankles, and another small pillow on top of that because my body pillow has fallen a little flat after thirteen years of pregnancies! Spinning babies recommends to make a nest with pillows to help keep everything balanced and supported for an optimal position for you and baby.


It has so many uses! During the last weeks of pregnancy I sit on it often when I’m writing to keep a better posture (helps prevent that rib pains!), or leaning over it to relieve some pressure on my lower back. Which also helps use gravity to keep baby in a better position and room to move lower.


These tracks are great for practicing breathing and relaxing for labor, but they also are good to use when this momma needs to check out of the hormones ruling you and take a break for a bit. It makes for some great naps or when pregnancy insomnia is taking over your brain. I always doze off and awaken refreshed!


I must be storing up energy or something because I suddenly can not get enough sleep. Add in the starting episodes of prodromal labor and some days I’m a miserably half asleep mom zombie. My eyelids and mental health need to be comfortable too, ya know. Otherwise I’m a cranky momma bear with my family and you really don’t want to see that. Naps are essential right now.


I have four other kids, ages ten and under. You bet I’m enlisting their capable hands extra right now! With this last month of pregnancy coming in for baby’s landing, I also cannot bend over (or squat) like I used to unload the dishwasher, pick up toys, or health wise I can’t change the cat’s liter box. Sometimes my ten year old gets to be the babysitter after school so I can recharge. I also am not refusing any help that my neighbors and friends offer. You want to watch my kids in the morning so I can nap? Sure thing!

What helps you survive the end of pregnancy most comfortably? I could use all the tips I can get.