Take Your Most Precious Gift Home from the Hospital with a Free Ride from Diapers.com

Last February, on a gorgeous winter day, we welcomed our first son in a New York City hospital. It was my second time giving birth in New York City and was quite a different experience from when we welcomed our first daughter in Florida just four years earlier. 

While we stayed in the hospital for two days, I couldn’t wait to bring my son home so that we could start our life as a family of five. As we were discharged from the hospital, there was no car for us to take home just as we had done with our daughter. When we moved to New York City, we sold our car and came to appreciate public transportation.

I remember standing downstairs in the hospital lobby while my husband waited outside for 10 minutes in the freezing cold and snowy weather to get us a cab to head back to our apartment. Those 15 minutes felt like 15 years. All I wanted was to bring our baby boy home and the only thing keeping us from doing that was the fact that it was rush hour and nearly all taxis were taken.

Taking your little one home for the first time is stressful enough, you shouldn’t have to stress about how you are getting home from the hospital. Diaper’s.com is easing the stress of  New York City families welcoming a bundle of joy this holiday season. As a part of the “Baby’s First Ride Home” Program, Diapers.com is giving NYC families a ride home from the hospital with their new precious gift. As a company that’s known in NYC for their easy ordering and fast, overnight delivery, Diapers.com will provide free rides home from all Manhattan hospitals for newborns and their families from December 10th through Christmas Day.

If you are welcoming a baby this month and would like to take part in this generous program, contact the Diapers.com 24/7 customer care team at 1-800-DIAPERS on the day that you are discharged from the hospital and the Diapers.com team will give you a $50 Lyft credit to use towards baby’s first ride home from the hospital.


Participants are responsible for requesting rides home through the Lyft app. Program details and specific instructions can be found at www.diapers.com/babysfirstridehome New moms throughout the U.S. can experience the convenience of shopping with Diapers.com; new customers get $10 off their first case of diapers and all customers can get $5 off cases through March 31, 2015 with code GIMMEFIVE at checkout.