The 9 Best Pregnancy and Birth Podcasts

From feeling the first tiny movements to preparing for live being to escape through a small hole, pregnancy is a time full of questions and learning. Even with six pregnancies of my own, there was always more to learn each time! Podcasts are my new favorite way of multi-tasking while learning or being inspired. There’s something empowering about combining daily tasks like scrubbing those long overdue dishes or sitting in carpool line while learning from someone else’s perspective and expertise.

These are my favorite podcasts for moms-to-be as they go through pregnancy and prepare for birth:

The Birth Hour

The Birth Hour podcast is filled with birth stories. From all-natural water births to c-sections, from breech twins to a birth in an RV— you name it, and this podcast most likely has it. There’s even a quiz on the website to help you know what birth setting might be best for you! Listening to different stories can help you know what you desire in a birth and gain respect for all the different ways of bringing a child into the world. I recorded an episode with Bryn retelling my magical all-women-birth (since my husband couldn’t be there), which we lovingly called The Red Tent Birth after the book.

Informed Pregnancy

Chiropractic doctor, childbirth educator and doula Dr. Elliot Berlin created this podcast that’s packed with things new moms can consider. With interviews ranging from the famous Business of Being Born co-creator Ricki Lake to topics like vaccinations, birth plans and CPR safety tips, he really covers a huge range of educational topics that will keep you informed throughout your pregnancy.

40 Weeks Pregnancy

This one is super cool because it’s a podcast you can literally listen to once a week throughout your entire pregnancy! Each week covers how your baby is developing and issues you might be facing. Think of it like a weekly pregnancy guide, but for your earbuds.

The Push Guide

I love this podcast for its diverse discussion about birthing options and what to expect. Along with birth stories, the show also has episodes interviewing guests like labor and delivery nurses, and it’s packed with information like how to cope with labor pains or how fathers can be helpful birthing coaches.

Pregnancy Podcast

With over 100 episodes, this pregnancy podcast covers everything you might be worried about or facing in pregnancy as well as information about how to plan for your birth. From constipation to sleep issues and breastfeeding troubleshooting, this podcast helps you prepare every step of the way.

Birth Kweens

Another podcast from an experienced midwife and doula, Birth Kweens is packed with informative stories and interviews to help you with decisions and empower you throughout your pregnancy and birth. I especially love that this podcast talks much more about prevalent issues that many new moms face yet don’t know to prepare for, like pelvic floor health, postpartum healing and racial inequities.

Indie Birth

For the natural minded mama, or those trying to figure out your style, this is a great podcast for discovering a different approach to pregnancy and birth. I love that this podcast dives deeper into preparing and opening your eyes to what you might desire. It goes beyond just the physical aspects of birth, covering the mental ways we need to prepare for birth, bonding with our baby in the womb and trusting our instincts.

Doing it At Home

Whether you plan on a home birth or not, this podcast is designed to help empower you. If you do decide to home birth as I did with a few of my babies, I love how this podcast helps prepare you. With almost 200 episodes filled with home birth stories and tips on how to prepare for issues like postpartum depression, this is a home birth momma’s best friend.


While this podcast talks about many important aspects of pregnancy and birthing, I love that it covers postpartum healing in a much deeper way than any other I’ve heard. As new moms, we often spend a lot of time prepping for the baby to come, but forget that we will need time to heal and possibly deal with postpartum depression or other mood disorders. Birthful delivers inspiration from both birth stories and interviews with experts.

With this mix of pregnancy, birth and postpartum topics you will be as prepared as you can be for this new adventure!