6 Winter Accessories for your Stroller

Although it’s only the middle of fall, the temperatures are starting to drop in many parts of the country. It’s hard to keep your little one’s stuck inside on those cold days, so why not let them get some air and take them outside. Whether you are running errands or just a simple daily stroll, there are several items that will help keep your baby warm during these cold months. Check out some of our must-have baby accessories for your stroller!

7am Enfant WarmMuffs

Not only do you need to keep your little ones warm while taking a walk outside, keep your hands warm too. These gloves that attach to your stroller make it easy to maneuver the stroller while still being about to take them out to tend to your little one. Don’t every worry about taking your gloves on or off while pushing your stroller again!

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover

If you have a baby who still rides in the car seat while strolling along, you want to be able to keep them warm without interfering with the car seat straps. It is recommended not to put anything too bulky between your baby and the car seat. This cover is perfect becaue it goes over the car seat and not underneath the straps. It keeps your baby warm and toasty while still allowing you plenty of room to get to baby if you need to.

Nuddle Baby Stroller Blanket

For those days that it’s not quite cold enough to require a heavy cover up, but your little one still needs the warmth of a blanket, this is a great lightweight alternative. You can attach the five point harness on the outside of the blanket so that you never have to worry about the safety of your child or that the blanket will fall to the ground when taking your walk.

7am Enfant Blanket 212 Evolution

For those frigid days that you have to get outside, you want to keep your child warm and comfortable for the ride. This blanket has a thermal filling and is waterproof. It will grow with your child from infancy to preschol and attaches to any stroller. We love the hood that will leave your little one’s head nice and warm without the need of a hat.


If your little one has a favorite blanket that they insist on taking out during those cold months, you want to make sure that it stays put in the stroller and doesn’t fall onto the ground and get dirty. These clips attach to both your child’s blanket and your stroller to keep their favorite blanket on the stroller and in safe keeping.

Warm as a Lamb Winter Stroller Coat

There are many times when we have to take baby outside in the cold rain and snow. If you want to keep your baby fully protected, this stroller cover will do it. It acts as a coat for nearly any stroller and has ventilated sides to keep fresh air in and out for your child. The front zipper window allows easy access to your little one when you need it.