Best Gear to Keep Baby Warm This Winter

Winter is coming! That means that it’s officially that time of year when it takes what feels like forever just to get the kids ready and out of the house. And some days it feels like it takes longer to get them ready to go out than it does to actually run your errand. We totally get it! We want our little ones to stay safe while out and about during these cold months and that’s why it’s important that you are well prepare will all of the right gear to keep them comfortable and warm. Whether you’re just going out to take the dog for a walk or out for a quick trip to the store, there is plenty of gear that can help keep your child warm and cozy. Along with the traditional hat, gloves, scarves, and coats, there are plenty of items that you can use to put on your baby and toddler gear to keep them warm too.


Car Seat Cover

Although it’s cold outside, that doesn’t mean you’re going to stay indoors all winter. While you’re taking your baby out and about, you might not want to take them in and out of their infant car seat. Whether you’re carrying your baby in the infant car seat or using the travel system with the car seat, you’re going to want to keep it covered help shield your baby from the cold and the wind. One of the most important things you need to know when purchasing a winter car seat cover is to make sure that you do not get a cover that goes between the baby and the car seat itself as that can compromise the safety of the car seat. Here are our suggestions that will keep your baby both warm and safe in the car seat this winter.


7am enfant nido


This wrap was designed to keep your little ones safe from the cold while they are in the car seat. It was designed in  collaboration with The Car Seat Lady. It features a oval cutout in the back that eliminates the extra layers between your baby and the car seat, while still keeping them warm and cosy. With the removable cutout, it allows your baby to have full access to the five-point harness without adding any extra layers.


7am enfant cocoon


Think of the Cocoon as a shower cap for your car seat carrier. It slips right over the car seat with an elastic close and keeps your baby warm and protects against the win. It’s easy to put on and take off and still giving you acess to baby when you need it.


skip hop infant stroll and go


A car seat cover that is lined with fleece and fits over your baby’s car seat with an elastic edge. It features a collar that you can snap close to keep the cold wind out of baby’s face or open to let them see while they are out and about. It also easily zips off for those days when it’s not as cold outside.


jj cole car seat cover


A car seat cover that is weather-resistant nylon and  has soft fleece on the inside that feels like a nice and soft blanket. No need for a jacket while your little one is being driven around, this will keep them warm and cozy. The top is removable cover helps regulate the temperature on those warmer days and it’s machine washable so no need to fret if it gets dirty.


britax b warm


A car seat cover that will keep your baby warm, comfortable and protected while out and about. It features flip-up sides & a zippered snap closure to help regulate baby’s temperature. It has a soft and cozy inner layer and a durable outer layer that repels moisture during those harsher winter days.


jolly jumper arctic sneak a peek


A car seat cover that features an attached blanket shaped perfectly to keep your baby warm on the coldest of days. It’s easy to put on, just simply wrap over the car seat and secure with the elastic sides. It’s lined with fleece to keep your baby warm and has a water repellent fabric to protect them from snow and rain.


7am enfant easy cover


For those of you that have little one’s outside of the infant car seat, here is an option that we know you will love. This easy cover can be worn far beyond the car seat and in the stroller. Much like a backwards jacket, the easy cover has sleeves to keep their hands free and much like a blanket, it keeps them covered and warm from head to toe. It has an open back making it safe for car seat use. It also has a pocket in the front for your little ones to slip their hands in to keep them nice and toasty.



Stroller Footmuff

When you’re out and about this winter you want to make sure that your little one stays warm. Of course you can grab a stroller blanket, but we know that it will either always fall down or your little one will throw it off (because they always do.) A stroller muff is the perfect place to keep your baby and toddler warm while on those long walks around the neighborhood. It attaches to the stroller and will keep them bundled from head to toe.


skip hop stroll and go


A great versatile footmuff that has many different layers to use during all seasons. You can use the entire thing during the winter and then take the top later off to give you the inner layer that is great for both fall and spring. It easily attaches to your stroller for those days that you are out and about without having to worry about it falling off.


uppababy cozyganoosh


A footmuff that will keep your child cozy and warm. Lined with fleeze, it will give your little one the ultimate comfort and will let them feel like they are wrapped up in a big blanket. The footmuff comes complete with a hood that can easily rolls over the back of the stroller seat when you don’t need it. The front of the footmuff comes all the way up to your child’s neck, but can easily be snapped back when not in use. It’s wind-proof and waterproof for extra durability.



bugaboo footmuff


Available in a variety of colors and styles, this is a footmuff that has style while keeping your child warm. The fabric is treated with bamboo charcoal that wicks away moisture and keeps your child dry and comfortable.


stokke foot muff

Stokke Foot Muff

A soft and cuddly foot muff that will keep your baby and toddler bundled up. It has an adjustable front that allows you to zip open and close for temperature control. The zipper at the top allows you to fold back the hood when you don’t need it.

britax cozy toes


The Cozy Toes is availbale in six fashions so that you can be stylish and cozy. Cozy Toes has a thermal insulation to keep your child warm. The outer layer is  wind and rain-repellent to keep them protected. Easliy attach and secure to the stroller for long walks and the zipper down the front allows for easy temperature control.



7am enfant blanket 212 evolution


A stroller foot muff that grows with your child. Not only is this warm and will keep your child warm, but the Blanket 212 Evolution has zippered length and width extensions to last your from babyhood well into the toddler years. It will protect them from harsh weather while still keeping them warm and insulated inside.



joolz footmuff


A stylish way to keep your baby warm during the cold winter months. The front of the footmuff has zippers on each side for easy temperature control. The bottom of this footmuff has an anti-mud layer, keeping the footmuff nice and clean while you’re stroller through the harsh wintery mix.


Carrier Cover

We all know how much we love wearing our babies. It lets us be hands-free while still enjoying having them close and comfortable. The warmth that we get from keeping our baby close is an extra bonus during the winter, but there are other ways we can keep them warm. Much like the stroller foot muff, the baby carrier cover attaches to your baby carrier and keeps your baby covered and warm.


ergobaby winter weather cover


A cover that will keep your baby warm and protected on a cold day. The Ergobaby Winter Weather Cover has a warm fleece lining integrated with a water resistant shell that can protect your baby from the snow, wind, and rain.  The cover snaps easily onto the carrier shoulder straps making it easy to put on and off while you’re out.



7am enfant pookie poncho classic


This is not only for a carrier, but the Pookie Poncho can be used as a baby carrier, stroller and car-seat cover. It comes with  two interchangeable hoods allow you to easily convert the Pookie Poncho from a baby carrier cover for use on the stroller or car-seat.  If you’re looking for something with versatility that can keep your baby warm and protected, this is it!



babybjorn cover for baby carrier


A carrier that you can use both when your baby is facing towards you or facing out. It’s made of a soft and breathable fleece fabric that is windproof and water-repellant.



baby parka carrier coat

baby parka carrier coat

This baby carrier coat makes it easy for your to get out of the house and wear your baby even during those cold months. It has a two way hood that allows you to face your baby both inward and out while still keeping them covered and warm. You can attach the carrier coat to your own coat or to the carrier. There are bungee cords on the side to allow you to adjust based on the size of your baby. And there is reflective tape on the front to allow for others to see you during the dark hours.



The Kowalli is a toga-style carrier cover that makes putting the cover on and off easy. It’s made of a soft and durable fabric that will keep your baby nice and warm. There’s not a lot of bulk to this carrier cover so it makes it easy to put in your bag when not in use without taking up too much room.


Stroller Cover

You might think that these covers are only used for the rain, but what you might not know is that they are a great protector to the crazy wind that can make our skin feel like it’s on fire during the winter. If you’re a city parent and have to be out and about with your little one during the snow or on cold and windy days, make sure you grab the stroller cover along with the foot muff to keep them both warm and protected. We suggest purchasing a stroller cover that is intended for use with your stroller. Check with the manufacturer of your stroller for the specific stroller cover made for your stroller.